Monday, July 20, 2009

So. . .pictures. . .

Look at that curl.




My Boy

Grace, can do it!

Bubba Obie.

Of course. . .the Wiggles. . .his favorite.


Sweetie pie.
Grace practicing her buckling skills and Obie being very patient.

Grace was Mommy (in my shoes) and Obie was named Daddy (in Daddy's shoes). Grace wanted to dance. . . so they did.

Mom and Jenny have been begging to see more pictures of us. . .the problem is we haven't really done anything too interest and therefore haven't taken any pictures. Due to all the begging I took out the camera today and took pictures of our "oh so fun time" destroying the living room. Here are some "major" happenings today. (Not so major. . .I guess this shows how uneventful our day way)

-we tried on shoes

-we played with cars

-Grace learned how to buckle her own sandles today "all by herself"

-we went for a short walk. . .I've either really out of shape (which is totally possible since family was in town in June I never really had to push the stroller) or the kids have doubled in weight and the hills around our house have grown. . .higher and steeper.

-I made stir fry for dinner. . .it wasn't so good. . .we tried a new type of meat. . .

-I also made blueberry coffee cake.

-I was tired

-I went to work

-Mike is going to be in Josh and Hannah's wedding so he got measured today.

-Mike fixed his biked and rode them to "Mama's Playgound" aka my work

-We ate really yummy peaches

-I mowed the backyard and trimmed the junk along the fence.

So that was basically our day. . .not too exciting. Maybe I'll try to be more productive tomorrow. . .maybe.


kate said...

Gosh! Sounds like you were plenty productive!

Margaret said...

Thank you Stephanie!! We loved seeing the pictures this morning. Obie looks like he is so grown up.

Jennifer said...

thank you!!!

Juanita said...

Thank-you!!!!! I love seeing pictures of them.They sure are growning.