Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wee bit busy. . .

So things are a bit crazy and time seems to be passing so so quickly. Here is what is going on in our house. . .

-M' turns 1 in a week
-Looking into selling our house
-Looking into houses to buy
-Getting ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas
-O' turns 3 in one month
-Pictures Pictures. . .of everyone else. I have been averaging 4 sessions a month. This month I have 5 sessions and a wedding to assist with
-Fixing stuff around the house before we put ours on the market
-Mike has been busy at work
-Taking care of kids. . .G' has her own agenda, O' seems to have entered his terrible twos late and M' can move fast. Mike took a "Mom's Mental Health Day" yesterday aka "sick day" to help me out and get a few things done. (don't worry. . .we love our kids they are just being extra challenging at the moment, I guess this means it will be extra rewarding when they start doing better. . .and they will)

I think thats about it. See, a little bit busy.