Thursday, October 30, 2008

A typical day in my life. . .

Did I mention,

I'm a Mom.

Tomorrow is. . .

Halloween. Every morning when I get ready Grace asks if she can put hot pink finger nail polish on. I always so no. Well, today I decided every little Cinderella needs pink nails so I painted her fingers and toes. . .she loved it.


We walked down to Main Street today. We packed sandwiches and ate at the river. Got ice cream and walked home. One the way home we have to walk up a pretty steep hill. A double stroller fulled with two not so little guys isn't always the easiest thing to do. We today we almost get to the top, the back of my legs burning, and Grace turns around looks at me and says "Mama. . ." I said "yes Grace" trying not to sound too out of breath. She replies, "You sweating?" It was so funny but her concern was so thoughtful. I love my little Grace.

Mr. Obie

To be fair, here are a few pictures of Obie. He hasn't been cooking, but he has been eating. Still no walking but two top teeth are about to enter the world. He sleeps from 7:30pm to at least 7:30am and love to explore. We love his flippy hair. . .he reminds up of an umpa lumpa. . .and we love umpa lumpas. He's the sweetest little guy ever. He loves his Daddy and his new trick is feeding Juma. . .although he isn't very sneaky. He gets the biggest grin when he does it.

Miss Gracie the cook. . .

Since its been cold I've been attempting to find things to do in the house, there are only so many times we can watch Cinderella. So during Obie's nap we made some pudding. It started as simple butterscotch pudding but ended up as little jackolanterns. Basically, we just added raisins to make a face, but we were pretty excited.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a few things. . .

First of all the funny picture. Obie thought it was hilarious to press his face up against this rubbermaid box. . .I thought it was pretty interesting too. Next for some reason Grace and Obie won't look at me when I want to take their picture together. I finally got one but it turned out a wee bit blurry. Next I found a cool site called It makes graphs and all kinds of niffy things. . .you just have to put in what you spend. Thats about it. OH, and Saturday we went to a Life is Good festival with free games and stuff. Grace decided she wanted a kitty cat on her cheek. There were not kitty cats. . .just Jake the life is good guy. We tried that. She didn't like it and rubbed most of it off. . .so that think on her cheek is part of Jake. Its a tatoo. . .and we weren't to quick to figure out it wasn't going to be removed very easily. . .so there it sits, starring at us saying "Silly Parents, what were you thinking. . ."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last week. . .

So my dad flew in on Friday for a quick visit. He has meeting in Alabama so her flew here and then drove down. Grace and Obie loved it. We got cheeseburgers (Grace and PaPas favorites), went to Target (and found a princess dress for $1.97 Yahoo Couldn't pass that up), went to the pumpkin patch, got beaten in Risk and went to Chuckie Cheese. It doesn't get better then that! Here are some pictures.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Day

We took a few pictures of Grace for a photo contest. So here is one of them. Next is my sink load of dishes. . .no matter how many I do they are still there. Note to self: Next house;GET A DISHWASHER. Oh, just so you know I don't always look like that. It was 7am and I just woke up.

Here is Mr. Blue eyes who loves ice cream. Then there is Grace minding her own buisness for once and playing in the rain.
What a great day. Its cool and misty. We took a walk to Main Street. Had some purple ice cream, played in the gazebo and headed home. Now its nap time. Except for me. I'm not exactly motivated. I've got a sink load of dishes, a half made treat sitting on the counter and toys everywhere. Maybe if I stare at this screen long enough it will all go away. Things are going well. . .for the most part. Well except for a few small details. I did a mailer for work and used the mail machine to put the postage on. Little did I know I had to mail them that day. . .I mailed them 3 days later so I may have 300 envelopes sitting on my desk tonight. . .along with 300 wasted stamps. Saturday we had our bikes halfway fall off the back of our van all while traveling 60 miles per hour down a major highway. . .no one was injured or even died. . .except for Mike's petal and frount wheel. So over all not too bad. That has been all our excitement. We will keep you posted and can't wait to see what going on with all you guys. Jenny! Hello JENNY! UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!