Monday, September 22, 2008

Balloon Race

What a bunch. Mike wasn't impressed with the ears. He thought they were dumb and wouldn't get a third pair for himself. I ended up wearing Obie's since Grace insisted.
Grace like the bunny's flip flops.
If Obie touches something, Grace has to touch it too.
And they're off!
This weekend we went to the balloon race. We usually go to the balloon glow which is the night before, but we were too tired and didn't want to fight the crowds. It was pretty fun. We saw sky divers, trampoline jumper people and a bunch of dogs. The balloons were pretty cool too. Can you guess who sponsered the event?

I've got teeth!

Two to be exact.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

9 month doctor visit. . .

So Friday was doctor day for Obie. Here is what we found out:
18 lbs. 6 oz. (20%)
29 inches (75%)

Everything is going well with him. No major problems. Grace got a new flu shot thingy that isn't really a flu shot. They actually spray something up each nostril and is suppose to help her not get the flu or for 1 year. We'll see about that. Then since our house is old we had to get them tested for lead which is no easy task. We headed down to the lab not knowing what to expect. We ended up having to get blood drawn from both little guys. They didn't know what was coming to them. They drew it from their arm. Even with Obie. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world. After the screaming and crying was down. Grace ended up with a lolipop, Obie got a stuffed bear and I got drips of Graces blood down my pants. There was one funny part throughout the mess. Instead of putting a cottonball with a bandaide on Grace'a arm they wrapped a purple sticky guaze thing around it. That way it didn't hurt when we took it off. Anyways as soon as Grace say it she started yelling through her sobbs "Like the doggy! Like the doggy!" As she was yelling this she was pointing at the bandage. I think the nurses (and there were a lot of them) thought she was crazy. I soon realized that we have a book about a dog that goes to the vet and gets a bandage on his leg and thats what she was talking about. She was pretty excited to get to match the doggy and get a pink lolipop.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


For those of you who have visited in the past several. . .we more the several months you may know our earthquake causing buddy. . .yes the downstairs potty. Its now good when you have to think twice about using the potty due to its loud yelling and massive pipe jiggling. So as of Sunday, the earthquakes have come to a stop. We took a little trip to Lowes, purchased at $6.57 part and fixed the potty within an hour. Why didn't we do it sooner. . .who knows, we like to suffer.

A few months and a lot of change. . .

April 2008

May 2008

June 2008

July 2008

August 2008

Friday is Obie's 9 months doctors visit. I can't believe he is coming up on his first birthday. I also can't believe how much he's changed. When I see him everyday I don't notice, but looking back at pictures its amazing.

Some Recent Shots

Grace playing Mommy. She got the bowl and the spoon out, but the seat belt on and feed her baby lunch.

Obie cleaning his hands after lunch. . .and making good friends with Juma.

Standing and playing with a wand.

Gracie and I.

Love Sac. . .

So several years ago in California we went to a Love Sac store. They carry bean bag chairs made out of memory foam stuff. They are super expensive but oh so comfortable. They come in all sizes from the normal bean bag size to 8 feet. . .big enough for four people. Anyways, we recently got some carpet for part of the basement and needed something for us to sit on. . .and a great idea popped into my little head. A Love Sac. Perfect. . .except for the price. We I went on to and found one. I wrote the lady and got myself a new seat for a pretty good prize and a nice cheetah print cover. :) We knew it was 6 feet. . .which didn't sound too big. When we picked it up it took up the entire back end of the van. We could barely get it though the back door. . .infact we had to take off the back door. Now that we finally got it down stairs it works like a charm and we all love it. We did learn a new lesson: 6 feet is much bigger inside then in someones front yard.

The worst part. . .

about being pregnant is not the weight or having to wake up constantly with the baby. The worst part is having your hair fall out. When Obie was about 2-3 months old my hair started falling out like crazy. Its now started growing back and is about 1 1/2 inches long around my forehead. Its awful. I was hoping this wouldn't happen again. . .it happened with Grace. . .then when it was finally starting getting back to normal along came baby number 2.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My two cuties. . .

Its a task to get them together and happy, but here they are. The latest; Grace 2 years 5 monthes ang O' 8 1/2 months.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nap Time. . .Yeah Right!

So I decided to try to put both Obie and Grace down for a nap at the sametime in the same room. Usually I put Grace in her bed and Obie in the pack in play in the extra bedroom. Anyways, I lay them down and leave. Everything seems fine, there was some crying, some talking but everything seemed fine. I figured Obie would fall asleep and then Grace would have no one to bug and go to sleep herself. Well 45 minutes later I happen to hear Grace yell "Obie lay down!" So I waited, then heard rambling and laughing. I go upstairs and find Grace standing in her bed and Obie standing in his bed chewing on the rail and smiling at Grace. I asked Grace what she was doing and she matter of factly said "Talking." I said aren't you suppose to be sleeping? She covered her eyes and said "Obie! Peek a boo!" Obie laughed, smiled and then looked at me. That was the end of group naptime. I've decided not to try that again for a while. . .maybe never. It was pretty funny, just very unsuccessful.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Loves...

Here are a few more recent pictures. . .

Labor Day Weekend

Miriam and Grace. The whole bunch.
The Hopsons.
Miriam and Grace in matching P.J.s.
I gave Obie a bucket with five blackberries in it to play with. . .after a few minutes I checked on him and he had eaten all of them and was covered in the remains.

What a weekend! I love three day weekends. We started it a little early. . .the Hopsons came down Thursday night with their little ones. Miriam who just turned 2 and Sophia who is 4 months. What a group. Have you ever tried getting 4 old friends, 2 toddlers and 2 infants ready and loaded in the car. . .its a job in itself. We had a blast. . .even with the mass amounts of chaos. Sara and I shopped and found super good deals, the boys babysat, we went to the farmers market, ate Gus's pretzels, went to the playground, played settlers, ate cheese and chocolate fondue outside in the dark, stayed up late, picked black berries, peaches and apples and just had fun. It was great and a weekend to remember. Here is a peek in at our wonderful weekend.