Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I hate big coats in the car. . .especially when a car seat is involved. I think Grace and Obie hate it more then me, so we where light fleece zip up hoodies when we go out. This makes everyone a little happier. Well Grace has been wearing her old jacket since last year. . .I'm embarrassed to say it is size 24 months. Let's just say her wrists were always cold. Anyways, Saturday we found this one at Costco and let me tell you. . .Its a Hit! She loves the fir on the inside, not to mention its pink with Sleeping Beauty on it. Its not may favorite, but she will wear it. She doesn't even drop it at the door when she comes back in the house. Usually there is a trail of shoes. . .jacket. . .socks or tights. . .and then whatever else she can sneak out of. So this is my compromise with my two year old daughter.

Dress Photo Shoot

So I at least got her to put it on, twice actually. Once for my and the camera and once for Daddy when he got home. She said she liked it and was going to wear it, so I guess we will see. At least on step in the right direction is good. Oh yeah, Grace also has a big bruise on her for head from falling and hitting the coffee table.

New Dress. . .Maybe

So I ordered a pillow case off of ebay to attempt to make a "pillowcase" dress. I'm not sure it turned out as cute as the one I saw but it might just do. I failed to measure Grace for the exact length and chest size so I'm not quite sure how its going to fit. I think I'd choose a pillowcase with a little more color next time. . .maybe there will be a next time. Since I know what the steps are and what the outcome is I figure next time will be easier. I did do this whole thing during nap time and she is still asleep so it wasn't too bad.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fleurs du mal by Sarah Brightman

Here is my next song of the week. This is an amazing song by Sarah Brightman. As a signator of the 2009 Blog Protocol Treaty I always appreciate comments with your opinions, positive or negative.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday MaMa!!!!

Happy Birthday MaMa! Congrats for making it this far. . .you've had a bunch of crazies to put up with (I won't mention who they are ha, ha) and you still have made it! From looking back it looks like you have had quite the life with your many travels and even more fun visits. We are sad we can't celebrate this fun day with you. . .Grace would love to give you a pink cup cake and a crown. . .but that will have to wait until June. We have all enjoyed and are thankful to be part of your life and wouldn't trade you for anything. May there be many many more birthdays and hopefully one day we will be able to celebrate one of them with you. We all love you and Happy Birthday to the best MaMa and NaNa ever!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Having fun with the camera. . .its good we don't have to pay for film.

Just So You Know. . .

our living room no longer looks like this and our clock always says 8:25,

these are my super shoes, and yes I wore them for ahhhh. . .half the day,

the kids. . .and dogs really wanted to go outside today, but 29 degrees is too cold for me,

because we are stuck inside we have been watching too much T.V.,

I turn 28 on Wednesday and yes I have gray hair. . .Just so you know.

Early Morning Fun.

After letting Grace and Obie yell and laugh at each other for 30 minutes we decided it was probably time to officially get them up. We got Obie first and let him "wake up" Grace. (she lays there and pretends to be asleep) Anyways, after she was "awake" she informed us we should take their picture. . .so we did.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My 25 Random things. . .finally.

Ok, so here is my attempt at the Randomness that has been going on. . .

1. I don't like people to tell me what or how to do things unless I ask or hint that I want to know.
2. I hate, yes hate, those little mind game puzzle things. You know that little metal or wooden puzzles at are impossible to figure out. After 30 seconds I seriously want to throw it.
3. I love to sleep.
4. I do not like the extreme cold or the extreme heat. . .both make me very angry.
5. I don't like to read and I don't like detailed stories. . .I just want the point.
6. I always go to bed with my socks on and take them off under the blankets, leaving a pile of them at the bottom of the mattress. They eventually fall between the sheet and the end of the mattress and I forget about them until I change the sheets.
7. I don't like being touched by things in the shower. I mean walls, shower curtians, hoses or whatever. If they touch me I need to rinse off again before stepping out.
8. I love avocados. I don't know what it is. . .they don't really taste like much and they are a little smooshy but I could eat them until I got sick.
9. I used to listen to my walkman and sing and then make Jenny tell me how great a singer I was. I also used to have her tell me that if I became famous and made a tape that she would buy a bunch of them. . .just so we all know the truth; I can't sing.
10. I never liked school. . .well the classes anyways. My favorite subject was P.E.
11. At BFA I had a rope later hanging from my balcony. . .I'll never tell you if I used it either.
12. I attempt to be "green" but really am not. . .
13. I would rather not use bar soap. In fact, if there was bar soap and no soap I'd rather use none. I like the liquid stuff.
14. One of my biggest fears is being stuck in a burning fire.
15. I think I might have read one book that was assigned throughout highschool. . .I never read the short stories or the C.A. books.
16. I didn't want to go to college. . .I just wanted to get married and have kids. . .although I never really use my degree I'm glad I have it.
17. I once went 60 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone, got pulled over and didn't get a ticket.
18. It's impossible for me to hang a bunch of picutres randomly on a wall. They always end up with some kind of balanced order. . .I've attempted many times.
19. I used to take my dog in the bathtub with me so she could swim. (this was a long time ago. . .I think I was 10. . .really)
20. I don't like to dust.
21. I once drove 3 hours to an outlet mall (in Las Vegas) and 3 hours back (to L.A.) with a friend just for the day.
22. I'm scared of the waterslides that drop straight down. When I worked at Day Camp the 2nd graders would try to get me to go and I would refuse.
23. My fingers are double jointed.
24. I have always wanted to go to Morocco.
25. I once ate sea urchin and thought I was going to vomit all over the Sushi Bar.

There you go. . .25 random things.

Monday, Monday

For being a Monday we were actually quite productive. I have this theory. . .if I wear slippers or go barefoot I feel like I should do what I want to do, relax, watch t.v. or whatever but if I have my super sneakers on I am like Super Woman. Its amazing! I don't think its a conscious thing either; it just happens. Today I wore my supper sneakers and I made the bed, did all the laundry and put almost all of it away, made super, did arts and crafts with the kids, straightened Grace's hair (her request), sewed some curtains for under the counter, did the dishes. . .and I'm sure the list goes on. You should try it. Wear your super sneakers all day long and just see what happens, you might just be amazed.

Diapers just came to my door. . .

I love amazon.com! I looked into this new thing called subscribe and save. Its basically an on going order (1 per month, 1 per 3 months or whatever). Anyways, the items are an additional 15% off and all have free shipping. Its amazing. . .especially when you only have one car plus two kids to drag around. There are grocceries, paper products, hygenie stuff. . .tons of things. They are in large quanities and you can't forget FREE delivery. Definitely a winner in my book!

Michael's only contribution to this blog

I am going to put a song on the blog which I intend to update roughly weekly. When I change the song I will submit a post so those of you with web feeds will be notified. I encourage to respectfully oblige with the protocol set forth by the 2009 Blog Protocol Treaty and comment with your opinions. This week's pick is a motivational song called "Let's Dance" by Hi_Tack.

I apologize if the songs do not fit in with the music preferences of the prevailing demographic of our blog viewers, namely grandparents of angels named Grace and O'. (Except possibly my dad who has surprisingly good taste in music, i.e. surprisingly close to mine). Special apologies to my Father-in-law, as I am unlikely to post any talk-show-radio excerpts.

Recommendation for Blog Protocol Treaty

I recommend a code change to all internet browsers which would lock a person on a blog until they had submitted a comment. If a viewer went to a blog their browser would prevent them from accessing any other website until a comment had been left on the blog they were viewing. In lieu of the recommended code changes, all internet users should voluntarily submit to the restrictions set forth by this treaty.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment saying what you think of this policy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

our sweeties


(he had a mouthful of food here. . .shhh don't tell anyone.)

Mike took care of Valentine's Day. He planned, shopped, chopped and served. It was amazing. He made the works, Cheese, Meat and Chocolate fondue. (all by himself, I might add)

That's My Girl. . .

So on Saturday I went to the grocery store. The first thing I saw was a sign that said 25 cent flowers. How tempting was that? I passed the sign, and the huge bin of flowers, and decided I wasn't going to spend money on something I didn't really need. I wondered down the aisle and at the end was another huge bin with the same sign. I paused, and remembered how much Gracie loved the flowers that I had gotten for Valentine's Day. She was in awe. She smelled them and her little face lite up. I figured 25 cents was a small price to pay to she her face light up like that again. I gave in and enjoyed every second of it. I even bought two bundles for a whopping 50 cents. The roses came with some red carnations, I figured I had to be fair, so Obie got the red flowers and Gracie got pink. She was thrilled. She got to take them up to her room and decide where she wanted to put them and everything. Obie wasn't as into them but he did like to pretend he was sniffing them like Gracie. The 50 cents was so worth seeing her excitement. . .I would do it again in a heartbeat.