Friday, July 17, 2009

Do with what you have. . .

Grace and Obie attempting to walk across a wet slide. . .I told them not to and they didn't listen. I figured if they wanted to learn the hard way they could. . .they didn't seem to mind the falling, so I sat back and was entertained.
Grace and "her" pink pool.

Obie and his full pool.


A few weeks ago we filled the little purple pool with sand and made a sand box. . .which was a great hit by the way. We were going to get another little pool but haven't really gotten around to it. . .which left us with a problem. Since then we have had a few really hot days. . .the hose doesn't keep them busy for long and pretty much just causes fights so we needed something. These plastics tubs were a hit. . .a little scary watching them climb in and out. . .plus they are much deeper. . .but I watched them and they were a hit. Keep them busy for awhile. . .the only problem was Grace thought the pink one was only hers. . .its pink you know. . .Obie didn't always abide by her rule. I think Obie is good for Grace. . .did I forget to mention they love each other. . .really they do.

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jennifer said...

i love the one of obie in his pool. his face is so great.