Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm chewing gum and its making my face sweat. . .that can't be a good thing!

Monday, July 14, 2008

7 Months and counting. . .

Two peas in a pod.

Life can't get better then this.
Here he goes. . .
Obie is offically 7 months today. . .pretty big stuff. . .He is trying to crawl and loving real food. He can hold his own when it comes to the dogs and loves to grab at anything he can reach. . .especially the large afro that often tackles him.

Gonna blow. . .

We went to Tanglewood park. Its the park my parents got engaged in and we always go for picnics and fun when we are in NC. In the past we had always feed the ducks so my Mom really wanted to take Grace. The only problem was the huge sign that said do not feed the ducks. Nana choose to ignore it and the ducks came running.
Here are the two twins, Daren and Thomas who are two weeks older then Obie. Four great grandkids and great Nana Poole.
Grace loved the 4th of July. . .until the fireworks. She hid under the blanket when they started. Nana felt bad and took her into the car to watch.
Our two little angels. . .well most of the time. Did I mention Grace is two???

Well, if my laptop wasn't going to explode at any moment I might have updated this a little sooner. . .thats my excuse anyways. So here I go. . .trying to apease all those angery people who want so see how we are doing and see the newest pictures of our two little rascals. . .Just so you know we didn't float away in all the flooding although it was actually only a few miles from our house. We are dry and well, except for the sweat running down our faces due to the extreme humidity and heat. Actually today wasn't so bad. Our latest excitment was that we drove to North Carolina for the 4th of July. Two kids, two dogs and two kind of grown ups. We made it there and back safe and sound. On the way there I was chasing a storm. It was quite impressive and it kept me entertained while the rest of the troop slept. Beautiful lighting across the sky. . .can't get better then that. Ok, one with the pictures. Here it goes. . .