Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tomorrows June.

Here are some random pictures from the past few weeks. M' pretty much refuses to look at me when I'm attempting to take her picture as you can see below. The first two are from the zoo, the one with my parents are from going to a lake yesterday (which was closed due to high bacteria levels :() and last M' not wanting her picture taken.

Tomorrow is June. That might not be a big deal. . .just another month but for me that means things are going to get a little bit crazy. Here is why.

-Mike turns 30 June 8th
-Father's Day
-10 year anniversary
-no more preschool
-water aerobics
-swim lessons
-house for sale by owner
-clean house
-grow this belly. . .more.
-nail down what house to purchase
-Parent's will probably be returning to Egypt

July will continue the chaos. . .
-4th of July
-hopefully sell our house
-hopefully buy a new one
-move to new house or an apartment
-register G' for Kindergarten once we find out where we will be living :/
-go to a U2 concert
-Grow this baby some more.

August. . .Birth a baby. :)
Due August 20th but I'm hoping for August 6th.

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Three Loves. . .

I'm turning into one of those blogs where there are no posts for months and months. . .sorry. I hate those blogs. . .hopefully you don't. My busy excuse is getting old, I'm tired of writing it and I'm sure you are tired of reading it. Hopefully this is the start of some regular posts. Maybe short, but with pictures, which I think is often more interesting then the words attached. Here are my three little loves from today.