Monday, July 26, 2010

Did I mention. . .

it has been killer hot! Like it has been unbelievable. We have been trying to stay cool. See. We are either out at the pool or inside. . .that is about all we can handle. I've been super busy. . .actually, we have all been busy. We are getting ready to drive to Colorado in then next week, we are having family come to town after that. . .both sides. Bannons in August, Palmers in September. G' is starting PreSchool soon. M' grew a tooth, almost two. . .and O', well, he's O' just enjoying life. I've been super busy with the photo sessions I have scheduled. I started this photography venture at the very end of June and I currently have 11 sessions booked. . .all in one month. I've been trying to figure out editing, and all that fun stuff. Its going well, but its taking a lot of time. Hopefully things will continue after this month. Mike has been super helpful with watching the kids in the evening. . .which makes him busy. Other then that, we are just hanging out trying to get this house under control. Fun Fun.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Obie Quote

Grace always asks Obie why he can get a certain toy and she can't. (he grabs it first) His response is "Because God told me."

Gracie Quote

Mike asked Grace if she should be punished for something she did wrong. Her response was "No." Mike asked her why and without pausing she said "because Jesus was punished for us. He saved us so we don't have to be punished."

Gracie Quote

Grace told Mike he had to say while he was praying "we praise your name." Mike asked why and Grace said "because its nice to say to Jesus and God because they are like super heros, they just don't wear capes."

Sweetest Babe in Town

Here's M'. Almost 8 months old. Sugar. Complete Sugar.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ahhh. . .

I feel like I'm running in a million different directions. We have been attempting to paint our "big" room so we can move the kids in and we will have a guest room again. . .that was a month ago. . .I thought it would take a week. Ha. The room is a wreck. Our bed is in M's room. I think we are almost done so we can wrap this distruction up but thats what I said a month ago.
I've been working on the photography stuff. I've got about 14 sessions scheduled in the next month. I've done 3. In three weeks we leave for Colorado to visit the Bannons. . .which will be so much fun. G' keeps asking when we can leave for the mountains. . .three weeks is forever to a four year old. So thats what is going on. Its really not that bad, I just feel like there are a million things to get done. Thats about it for now. Oh, and we got an Apple computer which has been taking up my time. . .it has been taking me forever to figure out how to get things done on it. (I thought it was suppose to be easy.) Maybe, with time. Ok. So thats whats going on. Hopefully I'll check in more often. . .until then.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Harvest.

6 cucumbers.
1 squash.
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Lake

This past weekend we were invited to go to the lake by some friends from church. It seemed a little questionable. . .Two Bedrooms, Four Adults, Five Kids under 5, and Three dogs (one being a German Shepard). Despite the numbers totally being against us we accepted the offer and left Thursday afternoon. We had a great time. We rented a boat, went to the pool, visited the outlet mall, played 10 cent skee ball and stayed up way too late. The kids has a great time together and Grace and Obie loved all the swimming they got to do. The dogs did pretty well except the German Shepard was in love with Lily. She didn't like all the attention and Juma didn't want to share her. . .so he made his feeling known. We had a great time and here are the picutres to prove it.

I think I saw my. . .

Tricep muscle as I turned my arm today. . .and it was good. On I side note, this afternoon I weighed in at 143.3. . .and that was good. July 4th here I come.