Monday, July 27, 2009

Mmmmm. . .Peaches.

As we left the house Saturday morning and drove east to Illinois, the sky was dark and the rain was sprinkling. We kind of wondered how the day would turn out. After about the hour drive, we pulled into the Farm. People were putting their fruit in their cars and looked like they had just weathered a storm. Turns out they did and we had just missed it. The day turned out sunny and warm. I needed a snack when we got then so we all shared some nachos and a corn dog. . .I know, real healthy. But it sure was good. Grace spotted a guy who worked there at the snack stand in a Cowboy hat. . .I think she has a thing for cowboys. She instantly fell in love with him. She hadn't talked to him at all, but ran up to him, hugged him as stared at him in awe. It was so funny. After that she stocked him. After picking peaches all she wanted to do was go see the cowboy again. When we left we let her say goodbye. She was full of smiles and managed to get us some free french fries. We should have taken her picture with him. I think she made his day. So, back to the peaches. . .they were good. Not too ripe yet, which was good since we couldn't eat our whole box that fast. Grace also had her first "squatting" experience. Mike took her to the edge of the orchard and let her pee. She was pretty impressed. . .when she told us she needed to go I quickly volunteered to watch Obie while they went. I thought it would be a good bonding experience. . .actually I had no idea where to take her and I really thought someone would stumble upon us. Mike and Grace were successful and didn't even get caught.

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Team Inglis said...

yey stephanie!! you are half way there! congratulations!!