Friday, April 30, 2010

Looking up. . .

All is well here in our house. . .overall. No more vomiting for the most part. M' threw up last night but I think it was a fluke. She hasn't been acting sick, just had the one vomit. Today everyone had a good day. We attempted Costco again, which turned out successful. . .successful is exciting. I'm not sure if I'm braver, more strategic or if the kids have just gotten better, but a few months ago I would have done anything to not have to take them to a grocery store. As of right now, its not too bad. O' also wore real underwear to the fruit stand, Costco and McDonalds. No accident or anything. He did get busy playing when we got home and had an accident, but for 3 hours out he was good. I happened to be motivated during nap time. I attempted to clean up so the house wouldn't be a disaster for the weekend. I got out the vacuum just to find out it no longer wanted to suck. I attempted to fix it and find a clog but nothing helped. Mike came home and we declared it dead. We researched some vacuums and the one I have been eyeing costs a fortune. . .yes. . .its a Dyson. So there was no way I was going to pay for a Dyson. . .but then I decided to Craiglist it and there was one. . .brand new and for half the price. Plus we won't have to pay tax or shipping costs. Pretty good! So tomorrow we are going to go and check it out. Its brand new and still in the box but I think we are going to try it out first just to make sure its not broken or anything. The guy said he bought it two months ago and hasn't ever used it. So if that works out it would be great. That's about all our news.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Obie has been sick since Saturday night. Like vomit sick. Yuck. We have been stuck inside, watching him lay on the couch and watch cartoons for the past 3 days. We did take some impromptu pictures on the floor. Obie wanted to join us, so he got off the couch, threw up right beside of us and then laid down for a pictures.

No Better Left Over.

I'm never very good at using left over ingredients. It seems they either get taken to work with Mike or they sit in the fridge and go bad. Unless its a meal, Mike doesn't really take it to work and my left overs this time were definitely not a meal. For Grace's birthday party I had bought a bunch (two large boxes) of strawberries. I cut one box of strawberries up and we barely but a dent in them. This left me with a big bowl of cut up strawberries, plus another large box in the fridge which were destined to go bad. Since Friday night I have also had a double boiler half full of white chocolate. This was also destined for the trash. . .I just had to remelt it in order to get it out and have been too lazy thus far to do so. Anyways, yesterday I had a thought. A very yummy thought actually. Chocolate covered strawberries. . .not too hard. So today during nap time my leftovers were put to good use. Take a peek. . .

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our First Real. . .

PARTY! I'm not a party person. They make me nervous. Like what if I don't have enough food, what if I don't have enough to do, what if they are board, what if it rains, what if I don't get everything done. Ahhhhhh, the list goes on. So for some reason I was feeling ambitious a few weeks back and we decided to have a Hello Kitty Party and we decided to invite 20 people over. Our house isn't big enough for 20 people. . .but we went for it. We prayed for no rain, we cleaned out the garage, just in case, and we had a party. 80% showers. We had no rain until about 20 minutes after the party. It was amazing. We hung out in the back yard, garage and alley. We had a "litter box", we made Fruit Loop collars, we hit a pinata and we had a hot dog picnic. It was great.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Grace has an obsession...clothes. Yes. She is 4. Yes. She has an obsession. Every time I turn around she has something new on. She flip flops between her "normal" dresses and princess dresses. After nap time she ended up in this beauty. Its her Halloween costume from two years ago. She loves it. When she first got it, it was too long. Not anymore. She wanted to play Cinderella so I was instructed to boss her around in a mean voice. I was the mean stepmother. I'm always the mean stepmother. I tried to convince her to let me be Cinderella but she had none of it. I was able to get my porch swept though.

Life is hard. . .

when you can roll. Poor M' has master rolling to her stomach. The only problem is she rolls over on her stomach in her bed and then can't roll back to her back so she screams and screams. Overall she is doing great. No teeth yet, but she has gotten really good at grabbing things and sticking them in her mouth. On Thursday she will be 5 months old.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What do you think. . .

So I was looking for a gift at H&M for Grace and found these for $5.95. I didn't have any sunglasses so I figured I couldn't go wrong for $5.95. . .or could eye. I never wear sunglasses this big. I know they have been around for awhile and everyone seems to wear them but I'm feeling a little "flyish." What do you think? Oh, as I was looking through this pictures I noticed a lovely grey hair so I thought I'd point it out to all of you who still don't believe they are really there. See. . .Do you see it? If you don't, let my nice large white letters show you.

Today's Festivities

Four year old daughter. Check. She is now four. Another birthday done. Chuck E Cheese was a success. Mike took the day off and was able to play all day with us. Everyone had a great time and I found 74 tickets in the trash. Birthdays are so hard at this age, not for the one who's birthday it actually is but for the sibling who gets to partake in the festivities but receive no gifts. Because of this we decided to do something special for Obie too. After we went to Chuck E Cheese we went to Toys R Us and let the kids pick out something. Grace had gotten money from her Grandma Bannon and her Nana and Papa that she was able to use. Obie, on the other hand, was just well taken care of. The kids never go to Toys R Us so it was extra special and they had a blast. Grace ended up with a new Ariel Dress with matching high heels and a cell phone and Obie picked out a tool set, complete with a work belt and a hard hat. After naps we had dinner and Grace got to open a few more presents. Because her birthday party is on Saturday we didn't have a cake or anything special for dessert. . .luckily her Aunt Jenny and Uncle Freddy saved the day. They had sent Grace and Obie some gummie pigs so we got creative, shoved a candle into their (pigs) face and sang. The kids loved it and Obie begged us to sing to him too, so we did. I think the kids had a great time and we had so much fun with them too.

My Biggest Little Girl

Happy Birthday Gracie! Today she is 4. 4! Can you believe that!?!?! She's like a real kid now. No more baby or toddler. . .full blown kid. Today we are ago to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate and then on Saturday we are having a Hello Kitty Birthday Party with some friends from church.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

All you need. . .

is something to stick up your nose and you can have fun for hours. Well, Grace thought so anyways. This is what we did after dinner last night. Grace tried to stick things on and in her nose and Obie ran around in his underware. It doesn't get more entertaining then that.