Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Bit of Love.

Trick or Treat

The only thing we discussed with the kids before trick or treating was what they were suppose to say and we reminded them over and over how they were suppose to say thank you. All was going well. They were doing really well going door to door. Then one old guy asked Grace if she had any tricks. Mike and I were standing back on the sidewalk so we didn't tell her anything. All of a sudden. . .like she had totally rehearsed it or something. . .she resights a pumpkin story called 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate. The old guy was shocked, and so were we. . .but she did get a 2nd piece of candy.

Piggy, Lion, & Snow White

Tonight started a bit ruff. G' got her finger stuck in the back door. . .it was quite traumatic. After we finally got over that she had a blast. . .O' did pretty well too. He managed to only fall 5 times. He tripped twice and fell down a few stairs 3 times. He spent the last half of the night laying down in the wagon eating candy. I asked him what he was doing at one point and he told me he was being a goofball. M' also did a really good job. Even though it was late and cold she stayed pretty happy. The kids filled their bags and enjoyed digging through it once we got home. G' was so so excited about he whole Halloween thing. She wanted to know when Halloween was going to happen again.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Current Happening. . .not much.

Seriously, not too much to report. Mike has been busy with work. This week they had a big presentation so they had been preparing for that. I have been busy with my photography stuff. I have been trying to book sessions and get some more wedding experience. I have assisted with 2 and have two more to help with. G' has been doing well with school. Last night was her parent teacher conference. Her teacher didn't have one bad thing to say about here and didn't even give tell us areas she could improve. She stated she was exceptional several times. O' is also doing well. I have been enjoying the one on one time we get while G' is at school and M' naps. He is fully potty trained. . .even at night and he is getting better at talking all the time. M' is right on the verge of getting her top two teeth. She is learning her animal sounds. . .she is a great growler. . .and she loves to climb steps. Actually she loves to climb anything. Her and O' have great potential to get in trouble together. She loves playing with the water in the toilet. . .in fact I found her and O' playing in it the other day. Usually G' yells is M' goes near it but G' wasn't around.

(in these pictures G' and O' have paint splattered all over them. They were suppose to be finger painting and then O' discovered it was more fun to put paint on his hands and clap them together.)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grace Quote of the Day

"YOU TREAT ME LIKE A SERVANT AND MAKE ME DO EVERYTHING!" This was the reaction I got when I asked her to find her shoes and put them away. Oh yeah. . .and she was standing there with a mermaid costume on and had just been playing dress up downstairs. . .I am SO mean.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Field Trip

Tomorrow is Grace's first field trip. . .I signed up to go. I feel like this makes me a real parent now. Kid in school + field trip driver=real responsible parent. Hopefully. Anyways, wish me luck. . .Mom's make me nervous. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Apparently. . .

some people around here don't think I'm the boss. I didn't realize that when I asked them to do something some how my words were magically transformed into a dare. What part of don't take off your shoes do you not understand?!?! You see, we were at the park. An old park with tiny rocks everywhere. One little girl, who happens to belong to me, decided it would be a great idea to take off her shoes and socks. . .because she was hot. I immediately told her to put them on. She then ran off. When told to put them on or we would have to go home, I was stared down. Boy enters the picture. . .he runs over to me, sits down, takes off his shoes and socks, throws them and runs after the little girl. When I followed threw with my "so called threat" of going home the cries erupted. . .wailing and begging. Sobbing and pleading. Please give me a break. . .are you kidding. What part of put your shoes on do you don't understand and why is that so hard?!?!? I walked back to the car with one happy littlest girl and two sobby, teary, broken down monsters following.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Its back to us. . .just the 5 of us. Its been a busy past 1/2 months with family from both sides coming to visit, family reunions in states far away and long weekends filled with trips and fun.
Yesterday our last guest left. Today we woke up to a dark sky and chilly air. Our house is a wreck, the kids off schedule and there is not one to keep us company. Instead of sitting around moping we ventured off to the pumpkin patch. The clouds were dark and the wind strong. . .a great combination. This kept a good chunk of people away from the farm. Last year it was pure craziness. . .this year it wasn't too bad.