Friday, May 16, 2008

Food Share #4

Veggies are suppose to start next week. I guess the famers have had a late start planting stuff due to lots of wind and rain. I like the stuff we got. . .now if Mike could actually start chewing we could enjoy a little more of it. He doesn't want to miss out so I'm being nice and waiting to use some of it.
Jelly (the best ever; I've already used half of it)
Rice (we traded our coffee this week for another bag of rice)
Goat Cheese
Wheat tortillas
Black Beans
Ground Pork
One of the ladies in charge also brought me some Bath Soak Stuff, Moisture/Relaxing Oil and some Mint Chapstick. Natural ingredients of course. . .just to say thanks for being the pickup site. That was nice and the stuff smells pretty good. There was also some left over stuff so we got and extra cheese, bread and meat this week.

Mr. Blue Eyes & Mama

There's the latest of my little guy. Grace was suppose to be in the picutures too since they "matched". . .her sweatshirt had a hood too. Anyways, legos were too interesting once I got the camera out.

Jr. High. . .all over again!

Braces. . .yup. . .Michael got braces on Tuesday. . .his mouth hurts, he can't eat and he feels like he should be in jr. high. Someone at work said "Hey, I didn't know you had braces.?.?" Michael said, " Yeah I just got them." Person at work said, "Oh, I didn't know adults could even get braces. . ." So the question is who should you feel sorry for: the clueless, not so tactful person Michael works with OR Michael who is in pain had has to respond to comments like that?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cutie Pie Grace

She had something she really wanted to tell me. . .I guess I wasn't listening. . .and she didn't like that.
Checking out her friends.

Even though we were kind of sick we ventured out to see the penguins. There were tons of people at the zoo but it was a nice little outing.

What A Weekend. . .

These faces pretty much show their personalities: Mr. Cheery & Ms. Hmmm I think they like eachother. . .
Hanging out with a friend.
Lily & Obie= Pals Lily actually jumped up to sit next to him, he didn't mind.
Grace bathing in the sink.

We are sick. Every last one of us. Snot factory all around. It started with Grace one Tuesday, Obie Wednesday, and Mike and I Thursday. No fun. We had a laid back weekend. There was a storm Saturday which was nice to sleep too. Nothing like sleeping while listening to the howling wind and pounding rain. Here are some recent pictures.

Food Share #3

We got a bag of food. Pretty good, I must say. We haven't really had to buy additonal groceries so it seems to be working out pretty well.

Here is what we got. . .




Peanut Butter

Apple Butter (Grace loves this)



Meat Sauce