Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obie's New Words

Obie can now say Bible. . .over and over and over.

Lovely Weekend

Grace and Miriam in the chair. They stayed in this chair, just like this for at least 45 minutes. They claimed to be at the doctor because the baby was sick. Grace read and sang. . .and Miriam comforted the baby. Hugs. . .lots of hugs.
Mostly happy. . .I think this was right before Miriam had had enough.

Bath time with whopping 4 kids in the tub.

Breakfast on morning.

So the Hopson's have come and gone. We had a great time. They got here on Thursday night, so Saturday our fun began. . .well for Sara and I. We went shopping, and left the two boys with four kids. . .they walked to the playground and put them down for naps. That evening we indulged in fondue. . .cheese and chocolate and played a little Rock Band. Saturday was rainy and cold so we decided the Science Center might be fun. . .well so did everyone else in Saint Louis. It was a little overwhelming and we didn't last long but we did make the attempt. Saturday night was Tanzanian Fish and Settlers of Catan. Sunday we woke up to snow. . .yeah. . .snow. Like 2 inches of snow. When they left in the afternoon it was back to being warm and sunny. Weird. Anyways are time was great. The girls have a blast with each other and we caught Obie and Sofia holding hands a few times. It was very cute. We weren't so good with taking pictures, but here are a few we managed to take. We had a very exciting, chaotic, sleepless, full weekend. Thank you Hopson's for making the trip down.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Week

With week is a crazy one. I have all my classes starting at work this week which means I also have to be there every evening for several hours. Tomorrow I also have to teach my 2-4 year old cooking class, plus I have to take Mike to work so I can take the car in for the 60,000 mile check up and oil change. That might not seem like much but this involves have two kids dressed, feed and in the car by 8:30 am. Plus I have to get them too the car shop, unload them and the car seats, check the car in and wait for Denise to come get us. (A friend who watches them) Anyways, let me just say crazy. I also have to interview a bunch of college students for counselor jobs. I have a folder of about 30 and am only hiring 5. Hummm. . .doesn't look good for them. Thursday there are more new classes, a job fair. . .why? (like I need anymore applications) Graces gymnastics class, and oh yeah, the Hopsons. I can't wait for them, our dear friends who we finally got a free weekend to visit with. It will be great. . .I just have to get to Thursday night. Friday will be good. A slow day; filled with kids, old friends, coffee and no schedule. This weekend will be a blast. It will be great, I can't wait just wish there was a fast forward button, that's all.

100% Girl &100% Boy

Here is my girl with her tutu. . .she couldn't get anymore pink; and then there is Obie. Snacks and a recycle bin. What more do you need. He walked around with is snack cup and played with his bin all afternoon.

Rainy Day

Today we planned in the rain. . .need I say more? They had a blast!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Sweeties.


Cool Breeze;




Beach Mats;

Warm Sun;


Green Grass;





Tap Shoes;





Consignment Store

I went to a consignment store yesterday and found a few winners. The best thing I found was a pair of brand new white tap shoes in Graces size. She keeps telling me she doesn't want to take any dance shoes but I thought they would be a lot of fun. They were a whopping $4 and BRAND NEW! She was so excited. She loves to tap around and practice her heal-toe move. Obie tries to join her but is disappointed his feet don't make the loud tapping noise too.


This is what happens when both Mike and I clean the kitchen at the same time. All we heard was silence. . .then we saw this.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Michael's song of the week retry

I apologize to all of who who are eagerly anticipating a new song. I was trying to resolve a technical issue which prevented many of my listeners from being able to listen to the entire song. I believe this was because the service I was using where the songs were hosted was preventing i.p. addresses outside the U.S. from accessing the full song. Hopefully now it will work. So please try again and let me know if you can hear the entire song. And after you have listened to the entire song, comment. Or if you were not able to listen to the entire please let me know. (There are actually 2 songs, so if you are inclined to be especially interactive let me know if you can hear both of them.) I am again posting Fleurs du Mal by Sarah Brightman as the 1st song. It is still a great song.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From Me.

So we are a little busy. . .but productive. Mike is working on his final essay for his class. . .it will be a long night. He currently is lacking 2000 words. Yesterday, Grace, Obie and I raked 7 bags of leaves. Yes, they should have been raked in the fall but it just never happened. These were the leftovers. We spent all day outside. Today was Obie's 15 month doctors visit. All went well. 23 pounds 13 oz. (40%), 32 inches long (75%) and his head is 80-85%. He only had one shot, and Grace was a great helper like always. Mike and I were discussing how many words he could say. (It was one of the questions and the form I had to fill out) Currently he can say Mama (which he never does), Dada, dog, down, ball, that, no, Li-la for Lily, and Hi. He is also and animal expert. He thumps his chest like a gorilla, he can waddle like a penguin and he attempts to whistle when he sees birds. Genius. Genius. Tonight we finally met with a window guy for a quote. We ended up getting 5 new windows. We liked the guy and he was cheaper and better then the others we have see so in about a month we will have four new windows in the living room and one in the kitchen. It will be amazing to be able to open the window without the screen falling in on us or water pouring in through the cracks. . .so I'm excited. Saturday is a birthday party for a kid at church and then Sunday Mike and I are in the nursery at church. After that our business will be over for a bit.
Some things I love:
I love when Grace looks at me, at an unsuspecting time, and says "Mama, I love you soo much!"
I love when Obie kisses me through the fence. . .he won't kiss me without the fence between us.
I love when Grace tells me "Mama, thats ok, its ok Mama." She says this after someone does something they are not suppose to do. . .like I grabbed a cup of soda, the lid poped off and I spilled the whole thing. It poured all over Graces dinner, onto the counter and then on the floor that I just moped all while Grace and I stood there together. "Mama, thats ok, its ok Mama."
I love when Grace and Obie share.
I love when Obie tries to get Grace's attention. . .by banging something on her or by standing in her way.
I love when Juma or Lily lays on my back and warms it, while I lay on the couch. . .I can't afford a hot stone massage so a hot little dog will have to do.
I love 3 in 1s. These are instant little coffee packs that have the coffee, sugar and cream all in the pouch. I just a cute little cup and dump it in with hot water. Easy, quick, caffeine.
I love my new easy quiche recipe. Crust and quiche from scratch. Fast and satisfying.
I love Michael cleaning the stove top. He doesn't clean it often, but when he does it shines. He's a perfectionist, I am not.
I love a clean sink. White, shiny faucet, no dishes.
I love the Ikea magazine I got in the mail today. . .the closest Ikea it 5 hours away. . .But I still love Ikea.
I love a hot shower. . .really hot.
I love empty laundry baskets.
I love the sound of Michael's computer keys taping away. . .its the sound of hope. . .soon there will be a finished paper and then a rested husband. . .soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A peek at us. . .

Here is a peek of us today. Not too interesting. Just hanging around. Mike has his final to work on this weekend. Its due Wednesday and is some kind of really long essay thing. Yesterday I worked all day at a Senior Bingo. Fun times. They

came decked out in their St. Patty's day garb. These people here are crazy about St. Patricks day. Green Beer, Parades, days of partying, Shamrock earrings. . .they are crazy. I thought St. Patricks day was a day were you had an excuse to pinch people and lie. (Say you have green underware on so you don't get pinched. . .I know you did it, I did) Apparently, it some huge party day. Today I had a princess party at work. I entertained 10 "Princesses" for and hour in a half. Then we went to a Library sale. All the books were $.25 so we came home with two big bags and only spent $6.00 . Pretty good. So that was our day. . .well the past few days. Tomorrow is church and just hanging around while Mike writes and writes. Next weekend will be more entertaining. . .I hope.

Fashion Diva.

Grace dressed herself this afternoon and came down looking like this. In the future this might be a problem. . .oh. . .and she said she didn't need pants because the boots kept her legs warm.

Mmmmm. . .

This is a new wonderful favorite. For this $3.99 box and an bag of nans (flat bread) Mike and

I can have a yummy meal. It takes two minutes in the microwave, and "TaDa!" a yummy meal.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's cooking?

Obie has discovered the oven. I don't know why it is so interesting all of a sudden but it is. I found him trying to hang on the handle. He also knows how to pull out the drawer and sit in it. Grace decided to have a dance party in her house (her closet) today. We were all invited. She was the dancer, and I was the watcher. Obie was allowed to come too but he couldn't dance because he's a boy. We were required to clap at the end. Here was her special outfit she wore to it. (She couldn't find the shirt, she tried) She also brought her dancing ribbon.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My model. . .that I don't have to pay.

He He.

Yeah Ma.


Mr. Serious

Grace poses for quarters, Obie is free. I like Obie.

I never thought I would

let Grace go to the post office looking like this. I figured is chould be worst. Today was better so far. Post office, walk, lunch outside, bubbles and naps. . .well hopefully a nap. I hear singing.