Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're Back...

I'm tired and thats about it for now.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tomorrow. . .

I'll be on a plane and it will be great. . .a much needed break and fun time. I'll be sure to take a million pictures and show you our fun time. . .no matter what, it will be fun. We will be in Carmel, CA at a house by the ocean. In cool weather and no schedule with some good old friends and their two kids. . .it will be great. We will sip our coffee, lounge around, chase kids. . .and do whatever else we feel. . .

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help me out! Please.

So there is a pretty big give away on . .if you would be willing, I'll love if you would nominate my blog. There are different categories, you can pick which one. You don't have to write much but I could will $1000.00 or $100 gift card. . .so if you have a minute. . .click on the button on the side. You only have until Oct. 9. Thanks!

Grace & Obie

Grace and Obie have started playing and interacting like real little kids. Obie will now actually play along with her games and ideas. Its pretty funny to watch. Today we were getting ready for nap time and as I walked in their room (they were sitting on their chairs) Grace says to Obie "I want you to be my wife." Obie sits there. Then Grace says "Obie I want you to be my wife." Well, as I walked in I heard this, smiled and said "I don't think that is going to work." Grace asks why not. So I tell her, "First Obie is a boy so he can't be your wife, and second you can marry you brother." She says that she really wants to. I asked her why and she stated "because he already knows how to dance." I guess dancing is important on her priority list. I told her maybe when she got older she could find a man who wasn't her brother and could dance. She said, "well Obie already knows how so I want to marry him." I guess we will have to work on this. Just so you know he knows how to dance but he will rarely dance with her. . .If you ask him he can show you ballet dancing and tap dancing. He also has a Cinderella dance (where he also sings) and he has pulled out some break dancing moves the past couple of days. Quite impressive. . .

3 times. . .

Baby Pink-29 weeks today.

30 weeks with Grace-end of Feb. 2006

Almost 30 weeks with Obie.

29 weeks.

I'm not having much to say about 29 weeks. Not much new. . .just looking forward to getting in the 30s. . .almost there. Before long we will be a family of five. . .wow. One thought, I was thinking/discussing with Mike how I need to remember this pregnancy. I've got two options. I can choose to remember it as not that bad or I can choose to remember every ache and pain and complaint. We have always said we would probably want 3-4 kids. . .so if I'm wanting only 3 I better remember memory 1 and if four then memory 2. . .humm. . .I really just don't know.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm annoyed. . .

I need to calm down. . .I'm ready to pounce. . .on anyone or anything the slightly gets in my way. I need to calm down, and breathe, just breathe and be happy. We are heading off to San Francisco this weekend and I'm feeling like I have a million things to do. . .and whatever I do do is quickly getting undone by my two famous helpers. The dogs have figured out how to get chocolate milk out of the sippy cups. . .they don't accomplish this neatly. The find the half filled cups wherever I try to hide them and then ripe/chew the spouts off until they can consume the milk. . .smart. . .but oh so ANNOYING. I feel like throwing the half eaten cups at the rotten dogs whenever I find them. Ahhh. . .then tonight I tried to return the black shoes. . .which took forever. . .and I bought a pair of stockings. Then I headed for Trader Joe's for snacks for the plane. Well, when I got there I decided to look at the stockings. It took them out and there was a freaking HUGE whole in them. OK. My time is limited here. . .especially my time with the car. . .I don't have time for damaged merchandise. COME ON! There should be no holes. Oh and did I mention it was 8:15pm. I had 45 minutes before the grocery store and mall closed. . .This should not be this hard. Ahhhh. . .I choose the grocery store. Now I have to figure out a time to got back to the stupid mall. So, just so you know, my current mood is annoyed with the world. . .don't bother me. . .tomorrow is a new day. . .I hope.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So we have two weddings in October to go to. Both in North Carolina. My thought= I'm very pregnant and need something to wear, plus I haven't bought dressy shoes in forever, so I have no shoes to wear even if I do find a dress. Anyways, there really isn't much drama to this whole decision. . .the only problem was finding the time to go look for something, without kids. So a while ago I got this dress. The tops a bit low plus I didn't take the time to put on the "right" undergarments if you know what I mean, hence the buttoned sweater. Anyways, the question really isn't about the sweater its about the shoes. Here are the two options I found. . .I'm going to return one. . .once again it was night, the lighting was bad but hopefully you can get and idea and give me your opinion. First option, the higher, simplish, black shoe and the second option is the darker purple, decorative, flat shoe. Obviously you can figure out which one is more comfortable. . .but neither really are bad. . .comfort wise. What do you think. . .which one stays and which one goes? I actually only took these pictures for the wise style crusader over at the but figured that since I had them on the computer and was already writing a doctor blog I'd open it for all. So, "ALL" here you go.

Blond Streaks. . .Be Gone.

I'm pretty predictable for the most part. . .well I think so. . .I'm not sure if others would say the same but I feel I am. I felt pretty bold with my blond streaks in June. . .I know. . .people dye their hair all the time. . .I'm not scared of cutting it but dying it just seems so permanent. . .anyways, those steaks were starting to grow out and I happened to see and add for some 28 wash out hair dye stuff. I'm not up for paying the big price tag to get a professionals help. . .Target and $8.49 was my limit. So I decided I could handle 28 washes. . .which would be about 28 days of something different. . .While Mike was putting the kids to bed I crossed over to the wild side and went dark. . .not black but dark. Probably a shade or two darker then my normal color. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't but 28 washes. . .not bad. I tried to get a picture of it but it was a little tough. Here was my attempt...what do you think? Be honest. . .I can take it.

Doctor Day

So today was a doctor day. . .
I had taken the glucose test last week and the nurse said my results were perfect.
I gained 3 pounds in the past 3 weeks. . .my goal is 1 pound a week or less. . .grand total of 20 pounds thus far.
Babies heart rate was 149.
I sat in the waiting room for over an hour due to an unplanned c-section of a patient of hers this morning. . .bummer for me.
So all is well and now we start the every two week appointments. Less then 2 1/2 months left. . .

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Silly Boy

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Main Street Walk

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How to make a little kid happy. . .the cheap way.

We were in desperate need of sippy cups so after work I went to Target to get some to those cheap-o plastic toss and go sippy cups. We use them for juice and milk so their Kleen Kanteen cups and valves don't get all gross. Anyways, here is what I picked and surprised the kids with this morning. . .

-Cheap O cups with princesses and Elmo on them.
-two pair of dollar princess socks and two pair of sesame street dollar socks (the dollar section is great)
-a pack of bright colored small plastic bowls

When the kids woke up I told them there was a surprise downstairs. Grace ran down and started looking everywhere. I told her it was in the kitchen and then revealed the new goods. Grace and Obie were so excited about the cups. The couldn't wait to get some milk in them. Then the socks were the biggest hit. All for $4. Grace had a pair on her feet and wanted to wear the other pair so she put them on her hands. Obie wasn't so creative. He just wanted both pairs on his feet so he got two socks per foot. Grace said thank you more times then I could count. The was definitely $4 well spent.


Its only 9:35am. Obie is climbing on everything. Couches, the arms of the chairs his toys, the bench. . .everything. He climbs up on it, puts his hands in the air, smiles directly at me and says "tall!" I'm not sure if I should be mad at him for climbing on everything or be proud of his new discovery. He just figured out the word tall. . .I think he just figured out what it means and how to say it. . .I don't want to crush this little genius and his amazing learning but maybe we should work on the word short before someone gets hurt.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today we painted. . .

Obie wanting to go inside to watch a DVD. He stood by the door and tired to look as miserable as possible. . .he is great at looking miserable and sad.
Grace deep in thought.

Obie getting caught eatting the paint brush and drinking the water.

Grace got up late today which made the morning go by quickly. We watched some Sesame Street, played outside and then painted. Obie isn't quite into the whole "arts and crafts" thing like Grace. He would rather chase the dogs and throw thing into the pool. The paint kept his attention for a little bit. He liked the water paint better then the finger/spoon paint. . .I did catch him drinking the dirty paint water and sucking on the end of the paint brush. . .I guess it could have been worse. Life goes on and he thinks its hilarious when he gets caught doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing. He got a laugh out of it. Grace picked out her outfit today. Thick white tights, blue and green flowered skirt, pink polka dot long sleeve shirt all topped with a crown. Perfect.

Weeks 27 & 28

Week 28-I had a black shirt on but due the the shadow in the back on the dark color the belly wasn't showing up very much.

27 weeks.

Here are the last 2 weeks. I feel like I'm getting big. Bending over is getting harder and I feel like I've been having a good amount of braxton hicks. Grace got to feel the baby move the other day and she thought that was pretty cool. My next doctors appointment is on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Us.

In Lyon on the way back.

Josh and Jenna Lohnes.

Waiting for the wedding to begin. They got married in a walnut tree grove.

Hanging out in with the Lebels.

First day in Lyon. They stayed in the hotel and got a train to the farm/wedding site the next day.

Yep. Just the four of us. We are attempting to get back into the swing of things. The past week was a lot of fun. . .but I viewed it kind of like a vacation. Not much laundry was done and the laundry that was was not put away, which leaves me to catch up this week. . .so I will attempt. This week is also pretty busy because all of my new classes at work start. I'm exhausted from last week. . .staying up late, watching movies and having daily outings. . .not to mention the four kids we were chasing after. Here are some pictures of Mike's trip. He had a blast and got to see a bunch of old friends. They basically stayed at a 300 year old, remodeled farm in the french country side. It was beautiful, relaxing and a great way to catch up and reconnect with everyone.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Pictures

Today was the Science Center. It was great. There was no one there and the kids did pretty well. After we got back I went to work for two hours and everyone else took naps. Then when everyone got up we moved outside to get some energy out. This was followed by dinner, dancing and baths. I think we are kind of getting the hang of taking care of four kids all at once. . .but we sure are counting the hours until the two Daddy's get back.

In less then. . .

24 Hours the boys will be back in town. Amazing. We have almost made it. Yesterday Sara and I had a date. . .with each other. We figured we earned a treat after watching the kids for almost 9 days by ourselves so we went to the Melting Pot. My neighbor was kind enough to volunteer to stay at our house after we put them to bed. Sara and I got the kids to bed exactly on time and then zoomed away. We got some cheese and chocolate fondue and we were entertained/amazed/bewildered by our rude waiter, who didn't really seem to know what he was doing. He instead of putting the kirschwasser alcohol around the end of the bowl to burn the alcohol off he dumped it in the middle of the cheese and even managed to include an "Oops" after he dumped to much. When we asked him if it was possible to tone down the alcohol he replied saying that we were the ones who ordered it, he thinks its one of the worst fondues on the menu and there was really nothing he could do about it. Anyways, we got some free coffee out of the ordeal, basically we got it only because it was free, we really didn't even want it but it made us feel better. . .then Sara witnessed another customer yelling at our waiter demanding he get the manager "Right Now!" I don't think he was having a good night. . .he definitely wasn't having a good night after his tip from us. . .I don't think the $2 impressed him much. Overall we did have fun, got some entertainment and didn't have to deal with kids which was so nice.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zoo Pictures

Here are the zoo pictures. It was almost impossible to get pictures with all four kids in them. They all seem to like to run in opposite directions, not the same, which can be a slight problem for us adults. Here are a few from the day. We saw sting rays, visited the kids zoo, petted goats, played in fountains, played on playgrounds and ran around. Full day, and another few to go.