Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend. It finally warmed up enough to go outside. Saturday we went to the zoo and today, after church, we had a picnic at the playground. G' got to go to a princess birthday party and while we were picking out a birthday present we found some matching outfits. (G' found matching outfits for her and M') The $4 price tag was too tempting to pass up, plus they looked super cute. So hopefully, if everyone cooperates during naptime I'll post some pictures of our fun. Here are a few. . .I'm off to play with my birthday present, a new printer.

1 comment:

the style crusader said...

the matching outfits are so cute! love the last photo! hope the printer is working smoothly! i definitely need some new photos of you guys to put around. most of the ones we have are of grace. i'll swap you some percy pigs for some 5 by 7 photos? xx