Friday, February 12, 2010

Nap Time?

It is suppose to be nap time. I decided to check on Grace since I've been hearing footsteps and slamming doors. . .I opened her door and the bed was empty. I didn't see or hear her anywhere. I almost started to worry then I thought the only place she could be was the closet. I opened that and there she was, she was standing in the dark with a flashlight. She was standing on top of a box, in only her princess panties. I should have been serious. I should have acted mad and told her to get her little tush in bed. (I have told her over and over today it was nap time. . .obviously she didn't listen) I cracked. I laughed out loud. I just couldn't help it. The picture was too funny. Instead I asked her what she was looking for. . .I got the dress down, helped her put it on and sent her to her bed. I warned that if she got up she would be in big trouble. As I left she laid down and seemed like she was going to stay. That was 10 minutes ago.

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the style crusader said...

three days since your last post... it is feeling like a lifetime. i need an update on my favourite family! xx