Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On the mend. . .

We are working on getting better. Still coughing a bit but hopefully the end is near. I've decided I'd rather get other people sick then stay home another day. We stayed home Sunday and Monday and then Tuesday we took two tours of preschools. (I never wanted to pay for preschool but after looking at them, they aren't as much as I thought and I don't want Grace to be behind at all when she starts Kindergarten. Plus she would love it and I'll have a little break Tues/Thurs. morning. . .well kind of a break.) After our tours we went to the outlet mall to play on the playground. Today we went to a different mall to play on that playground. . .its obvious by attitudes that three little ones are still sick, but if we go out at least they are a little bit distracted. I must look crazy with three kids. Today, while at the mall, we went into the bathroom and as I walked in a lady was standing there with her stroller. I walked in with one stroller and two running kids. As soon as she saw us she says, "Are those all your kids?" I said yup and smiled. She responded with "Wow." Wow for three kids, I didn't think that was too bad. I thought four kids crossed you over to "a lot of kids." I guess I've crossed it and I'm that crazy Mom with all those crazy kids. Ha. So that was our last few days. Oh, my computer has gone crazy and has millions of viruses. . .so until I get that figured out there probably won't be any pictures. . .just so you know.


the style crusader said...

that's so funny that she said 'wow'. i think she was impressed... you are like super mom. that's why she said wow, not because you are crazy.

hope you guys keep improving and getting better. so sorry to hear about your computer viruses! that is not fun! xx

Margaret said...

No pictures how SAD :{ We will miss seeing you all.

I don't think you have crossed over as being a CRAZY mom- now the lady with 19 she is CRAZY (unless you are one of them and like me enjoy living) as I am number 10! PTL there are some CRAZY or maybe BLESSED parents out there!!