Friday, February 19, 2010

My crazy world today:

Sometimes crowded.

Sometimes frusterated.

Sometimes alone.

Sometimes sad.

Sometimes sweet .

Sometimes too sweet.

Most the time Crazy.


Team Inglis said...

stephanie! they are soo funny. also, i love the writing on the photos. and can i please say that grace is such a fashionista - loads of girls were wearing their hair like she has it in the second to last photo at fashion week. well... more like a big bun on the top of their head. but still. and mattia is getting sooo big!!! xx jenny

the style crusader said...

i was just looking at these photos again... and they are seriously SO SWEET! i can not get over graces face in that second to last one. she is so funny! and mattia is really starting to look different than when we were there! love you guys! xx