Friday, February 26, 2010

Miss Big Eyes & Some More

Yesterday I was getting dressed and G' asked to put on makeup. Usually I don't let her put makeup on when we are planning to go out but for some reason I decided she could play with some eyeshadow. When I gave it to her she asked what it was for. I told her it was eyeshadow and it would help her eyes look bigger. She was satisfied with that answer, so she left the room and went to hang out on the couch. I didn't pay much attention to her. I went to check email and do a few other things. A few minutes later I caught a glimpse of her. . ."WOW." was all I could say. She smiled and said "do my eyes look big?" "They sure do." I said laughing. I told her she should look in the mirror. She was so proud of herself so she got up to look at her creation. I asked her what she thought and with the biggest smile ever she said "My eyes look SO big!" It was hilarious. This is what she looked like at the end of it all.

After the make up incident she decided she wanted to take my picture. So she took this one all by herself.

This one I took of M' fast a sleep.

Then after all of this O' woke up. I went up to his room. He has is name on the wall right above his crib and lately he has started playing with them. So when I went to get him I noticed some of the letters were missing. After I looked at it I started laughing so hard. This is what I saw. . .Mike nor I had done anything to these letters. This was ALL O's doing.

Do you see it? I BAAD. Isn't that hilarious?!? I couldn't help but hope it wasn't a message of some sort from God. After all this it was time for the Science Center, McDonald's, Naps, Dinner, Happy Birthday Phone Calls Family & Friends, Birthday Cupcakes, Olympics, a Returned Husband and a few gifts . So over all a fairly lovely day. Oh, and just so you know G's face was cleaned off before we left the house.

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the style crusader said...

haha, this is too funny. grace is so talented at applying makeup. i love that she thought that was how it was meant to look. stephanie, are you secretly wearing your makeup like that these days? she must have learnt it from somewhere.

haha. impressive about obie's name on the wall!