Thursday, February 4, 2010

My game plan. . .

I can keep things tidy. I can keep things put away. I can keep laundry moving. Food on the table. Dishes pretty much clean. Toys put away. BUT. I. STINK. AT. ACTUAL. CLEANING. I have three kids. I don't want to be busy every night. I'm attempting to exercise. AND Mike is home in the evening. . .I don't want to spend that time cleaning. So I don't. I don't really clean. I staighten. This is fine until you take a close look. . .luckily most people don't. Mike doesn't and the kids don't but every once in awhile I do. . .and it drives me crazy. I wish I could really clean. I just need two extra hours a day with no one around. HA! Thats never going to happen. . .so I came up with a game plan, and I convinced Mike to help out with it. Here it is. . .from the Fly Lady.
There are "zones."
Each "zone" has a week.
Each week has a list.

This week it was the entry way and dining room. Since the kids were gone I tackled it. I've almost completed it. I done to the floor and dusting a few shelves. If I can be consistant, I figured the first month would be tough (since I haven't deep cleaned in a while), and then from then on it would get easier.

So here is the list:

FlyLady's Detailed Cleaning List - Zone 1: The
Entrance, Front Porch, and Dining Room
This is my detailed cleaning list for Zone 1. Ensure you adapt it to fit your
home and family. If you are still decluttering, you are not ready for this
whole list, concentrate on decluttering only! BabySteps! - FlyLady
Entrance Detailed Cleaning List:
Start at the ceiling and work your way down to the floor.
1. Clean cobwebs
2. Dust window sills and front door
3. Clean switch plate of hand prints and walls if needed
4. Put plants in to the shower and give them a good rinse. Let me set
there until you are finished.
5. Dust furniture
6. Dust baseboards
7. Straighten the coat closest
8. Sweep vacuum or mop the floor
9. Put back the plants. You would hate for DH to walk into a jungle
tomorrow morning. LOL
10. Add your own personal touches to make it more welcoming.
Dining Room Detailed Cleaning List
Start at the ceiling and work your way down to the floor.
1. Clean the cobwebs
2. Dust window sills
3. Clean the window
4. Clean doors of china cabinet after you straighten dishes if they
need done. Dust
5. Clean and straighten any drawer
6. Clean off top of Dining table and Polish
7. Rinse plants in the shower
8. Dust the bottoms of the chairs.
9. Dust the baseboards
10. Move furniture and vacuum underneath (except the china cabinet)
I turned mine over one time. It was not funny.
11. Add your own personal touches.

I didn't do the porch since it is freezing. Maybe next time.

How 'bout you. . .do you have a cleaning game plan? Does it work or do you just opt out of cleaning?


Margaret said...

Now those are some rules to clean by- guess I will have to try them when I get home. Dad tells me the stove top (after he cleaned it) is shinny and better than when we move in. But I am sure there is lots of dust for me to clean up after 3 months being gone. Thanks for the suggestions!

Michael said...

Wow, good for you, Stephanie! I'm proud of you. My friend asked me the other day what my cleaning schedule is and I said it's to clean well before the company arrive. Yours sounds much more systematic and thorough. Love you, Mom B.

Rantipole15 said...

I have the same problem...but I usually just let the deep cleaning slide until I can no longer stand living in filth, and then I clean like crazy. Not the greatest of systems, I'll admit it.

jennifer said...

oh my goodness! this is seriously intense. our house isn't too big and with no kids it is much easier i am sure. i just try to tackle things whenever i get the chance... and if it gets really bad then fred and i clean together on saturdays. (like we had to do yesterday). love you! xx