Friday, October 9, 2009

Vote for Obie

Every day. GAP is having a casting call and you can vote for Obie. . .so you should. Just click on the link below and give him a vote. You can vote everyday. Its simple and easy so help the guy out please.


Team Inglis said...

stephanie, i want to vote for little obie but it wont let me register. if you register fred and i both with different accounts we will both vote for him everyday. just let us know what our sign in/password is. love you guys!

Kara said...

Totally unrelated, but my parents in Tanzania wanted me to find out Mike's parents' phone number in Lithuania and I figured you would have it. Could you message it to me on fb or something? Thanks! Obie is too cute btw, he hast vote for sure!

Michael said...

Hi Stephanie,
We love the pictures!! Obie is cute!! We tried to vote for him but were refused. Love Dad Bannon