Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So the doctors. . .has come and gone.

So no super long wait, which was good. There were also some interesting people to watch in the waiting room, which was also good. I did my pee in the cup thing and then waited in the waiting room for about 30 minutes. . .which was way better then last time. Then my lovely name was called. I had mentally prepared myself for a nice whopping number on the scale. . .I made sure I wore similar clothes from the last appointment so I couldn't blame it on the clothes. . .you know when cool weather comes you need heavier clothes. Well, I stepped up and she started moving the little weight thing trying to get the bar to balance. . .she passed my number from two weeks ago. . .but get this. . .she was sliding it down. Down! I lost two pounds. I thought maybe I didn't remember correctly from the week before so when she said ok and went to do my blood pressure I had to say something. "Are you sure that was right?" "Yep." she said. "What was I last time?" I asked. "You lost 2 pounds." "Are you sure?" She then asked if I wanted to stand back on the scale. I declined and told her that never happens and I'm actually really good and gaining weight. My blood pressure was fine. When she finally left the room I quickly got back on the scale. She was right. I had lost 2 pounds. . .Hopefully I won't make up for it next time. Anyways, the doctor finally came in. I told her I felt like I was having a decent amount of braxton hicks. She didn't seem too concerned. Then she listened to the heart rate. 140, and of course the baby was moving all over the place. Then she measured my belly. While she did that I told her about my right "funny bone" excruciating pain situation. At first she said I probably gave myself a hernia from picking up my kids. Then she looked at my side and side I was fine. I asked if I was measuring right. She said I was measuring a little big at 32 weeks. . .well according to my "new" due date of 12/5 that 1/2 a week ahead. . .I also have felt like this baby is low. I asked her what she thought. She said yes when she first poked around my belly then when she did the heart beat she said maybe not too low based on where she found the heartbeat. So we'll see. I'm a little concerned it keeps measuring and looking big. . .its not like this is a surprise pregnancy or anything like that. . .so here is the overview. . .

140 heart rate
31 weeks 3 days-belly measuring at 32 weeks
down 2 pounds-total up 18 pounds
Next appointment Oct. 20


Margaret said...

GREAT job Stephanie!! Keep it up- before you know it little pinky will be here. WOW measuring at 32 weeks and loosing weight- that is amazing. Especially when you think about what you gained with Miss Grace. Maybe you need to go on more vacations!! Can hardly wait to see you in November. Lots of love, Mom

the style crusader said...

yey stephanie! that is so exciting! i can't believe the new baby is going to be here so soon! how crazy!!