Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doctor Doctor. . .

Today is my doctor's appointment. I'm 31 weeks now. I'm not sure how this appointment will go. Hopefully she won't be so behind like last time. (1 sat there for an hour) We have pretty much been on vacation for the past week so I'm sure the scale will like that. . .I've gotten to the uncomfortable point. This child seems to be a mover. The other night it found nerve or something by my right hip and had a grand ol time. I have never been in so much pain from a baby just moving around. The pain felt like the pain you feel when you hit your funny bone really hard but the feeling was in my lower side, over and over again and I couldn't stop it. I had to stand up, go to the kitchen and lean on the counter. I didn't know if I should laugh at the whole situation or cry from the pain. Grace informed me after the whole ordeal that it was only baby Pinky learning to move. . .she was so matter of fact. Yeah, just learning to move. . .well this baby better learn how to move a little nicer or we are going to have a problem. So we are down to the count down. . .single digits of weeks left. . .9. . .we could even have this baby is 6 weeks if things work out like they did with Obie. Pretty unbelievable. Currently we have not discussed names for more then a total of 1 hour, we have bought nothing, and we have not gotten anything out of the basement for it. I'm kind of starting to realize its just around the corner which is causing some panic. There is no need for panic but this intense desire to clean and get things done isn't helping. Only problem is bending over hurts, I'm tired, and nothing I clean is ever clean enough, plus we haven't been around to do anything. I think I'm a bit crazy. I've got me event list that I'm check through. . .its getting shorter which means baby is coming sooner and sooner. Here is the list. . .

Carmel, CA-Check
Anna's NC Wedding-Check
Bicentennial at Work-10/10
Josh's NC Wedding-10/17
Halloween Even @ Work-10/30
Nate Visits-11/6
Mom Comes-Second week in Nov.
Due Date-12/5

I'm hoping it actually comes the weekend before Thanksgiving, but we'll see. Either way its coming to an end soon. . .we could potentially have a baby next month. . .Family of Five. . .doesn't that just freak you OUT!


kate said...

You crack me up! I love your blunt honesty. And I feel you about not being ready. Even though I am not that big yet, I feel like I finally get energy and get everything unpacked out of the boxes and spread across the bed to put away and then I get pooped, Mike comes home, it's suddenly time for bed, and everything gets scooped up and put back into the box it just came from! Except it is now all unfolded and randomly shoved into random boxes. Sigh.

Kara said...

so exciting, steph! you have utmost admiration, mama-of-three. just having one is so life-consuming, i can't imagine how you moms of more than one do it!