Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Halloween. . .

Obie at the end of the night on his sugar high. He had just stolen that peice of candy from Grace. She had unwrapped it and everything, set it down, and Mr. Sticky Fingers grabbed it and ran as fast as he could.

Grace checking out the goods.

Getting ready to dump out the candy.

Attempting a family shot before the fun began.

Obie already eating candy before we even began.

Thomas the Train.

Ariel showing the train how to pose.

we were pretty normal. Nothing too crazy and exciting except for two kids who only has string cheese topped with way too much candy. Obie didn't get the concept of saving the candy in his bag until we got back home. He thought he was suppose to immediately eat it and then get more and the next house. . .let me tell you. .. Obie on a sugar high, like a real sugar high is scary. He couldn't stop laughing and jumping around. He could hardly walk straight and I'm not exaggerating. He almost seemed drunk...not quite sure what a drunk almost 2 year old would be like but he sure came close to what I would imagine. Well by the time we made it home Grace was still going strong and Obie was on the verge of crashing. We attempted to feed them some real food. . .which was pointless for Obie since he ate so much candy. . .it took about 20 minutes until the crash was head on and he was then rushed upstairs to bed. So overall we had a good night. Grace was Princess Ariel with red hair and Obie was Thomas the Train. They were both very proud of their costumes. So people yelled out to Grace from a hayride and called her Ariel. She was so amazed that they knew who she was suppose to be. The then had to explain to me that she really wasn't the real Ariel but it was just a costume. It was pretty funny. Obie left his hat on the whole time and did pretty well with walking around. Here are some pictures from our night.


Margaret said...

Grace is a cute little Ariel and must admit she looks great with long red hair. Obie having a sugar high are you sure he is not taking after his Aunt Jenny, who use to hide the candy in her teddy bear. Believe me when I say I do understand a little sugar high kid!! I had two of them sometimes.

Juanita said...

I love Grace red hair.Both of the kids are cute.

the style crusader said...

ahhh! i love this!! the photos are great and the story is even greater. that sounds so so hilarious!!

Rantipole15 said...

So cute! We figured this was the last Halloween where Brahm won't care if he gets candy or not, so we just stayed home and passed out treats to the three neighbor boys. Big fun. :)