Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Day.

Hum. Thinker?

Dirt eater.

Two peas in a recycle bucket.

Fall leaves.

Milk hoarder.
Future fashionista and builder.
Staying inside all day is a disaster in all possible areas. The kids start going nuts, everything gets destroyed, I get frustrated and nap time is short since they haven't worn each other out. I figured we better get out while we could so we went out side and wondered around, played with some dirt and worms, and flipped our motor bike. I don't know what Obie's problem is but he tries to drive his bike up hill, curbs. . .basically anything with and incline. This results in the four wheeled motorized bike flipping up side down with Obie laying flat on his back crying. You would think that as the front starts to go up, and he starts to realize its going to flip he'd take his little thumb off the red button that makes it go. . .but oh no, not Obie, he panics, and pushes harder. No more bike for Obie. He just couldn't handle it today. . .when I took it away from him he had an even brighter idea. He ate dirt. . .and he thought it was funny. Grace on the other hand found little creatures, played with them and then smashed them with a shovel. A little snail and a worm were her victims. So that was our attempt to get some energy out out side. It wasn't too cold which was nice and the rain held off. . .overall a success.

On a side note: I thinkObie is getting a new tooth. . .at least one which is contributing to his grumpy behavior and lack of interest in food. As we were watching cartoons this morning Grace says "Mama, its time for Obie's nap." I asked why. (he was laying on the floor fake crying trying to get me to come pick him up, and refusing to just walk over to me) "He's acting grumpy. Its time." I laughed. It was totally true. He layed down for and hour for "alone time." I don't think he slept, an hour later he was still wide awake.


jennifer said...

this is officially one of my favourite posts of all time. the photo of the two of them in the bucket is HILARIOUS! what on earth had you said to them to make them make those faces? they look like they think they are getting recycled.

oh, and grace better watch out her her photo is going to end up on my website. haha. jk. grace is a fashionista.

Margaret said...

Love the looks on the kids faces. Are they being recycled? If so I will come get them.

Grace did a great job with her building blocks- how tall is she now?

Rantipole15 said...

Brahm was in bed for an hour and 45 minutes yesterday afternoon without sleeping...just as I was about to go get him, he passed out. Classic. But I totally advocate the "alone time", asleep or not...he needs it...and I need it even more.

kimaBannon said...

In defense of my daughter, Grace was patting down the dirt and inadvertently smashed her pets. Never in the future will people be interviewed by the news, and say "I never would have suspected her, but you know, she did torture animals as a child."