Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I hate Walmart. . .mostly.

there are always too many people.
the aisle are too narrow.
I can never find anything.
the check out line is always crowded.
the drivers in the parking lot are always crazy.
the place to put the carts away are always far away.

But they are cheaper. . .everything is cheaper. Some of it is cheap junk and some of it is exactly the same stuff at the grocery store but its cheaper. . .is that enough reason to go there? I don't know.

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meppalmer said...

My favorite is Target! But I do love that new Wal-Marts over by the shopping center. Now those isle are wide and the grocery store is amazing. Yes I think it is worth going there. As there is lots of other stores we love also. They have great prices. Chill out Stephanie you are starting to sound like your dad. :-) Drive safely to NC and let me know you got there ok.