Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainy Days = Crazy Kids

Its been raining all week. Wednesday was pretty much the only day the rain stopped. Today its back to rain. I had some hope this morning. It was 10am and still no rain. I figured this might be my chance to go outside, rake some leaves and let Grace and Obie jump in them. Well we were down in the basement and when I suggested the idea one participant decided princess attire was more exciting and another continued to beg for a DVD. (I won't name names) Anyways after I got annoyed and frustrated I finally got them out of the basement, jackets & boots on and started pushing them out the door when I realized it had started to rain. Ahhhh! So at that point I told the kids I didn't care if it was raining or not we were going outside. . .and they did, and so did I. (they are also more likely to get a good nap if they have actually played outside and run around, instead of just watching DVDs, playing with dress up clothes and building towers. . .so there was some ulterior motives I'll admit) Anyways, out the door we went. Grace helped me rack part of the yard and the fun began. The wet leaves weren't going to stop the fun. By the end of the jumping and rolling the kids were a mess. Their clothes were soaked but we managed to get some energy out and we also got half the yard raked. . .not that its not covered again by now. So that was our late morning fun.


Margaret said...

Looks like they had lots of fun, so did you get a nap after all this?

jennifer said...

those photos are so funny. i love the one of grace lying in the leaves. (nice red boots by the way!)