Monday, August 31, 2009

What a difference. . .

a new windshield makes. Two years ago we drove to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. On our way back a small rock hit the windshield on the passenger side and made a chip. Well, since we have gone through two winters and freezing temps it has managed to crack across the whole windshield, right at eye level. . .lovely. Why would I want to spend several hundred dollars on a piece of glass. . .so I didn't. We kept putting it off. and off. and off. Today finally we paid the $202.00 to have it replaced. My family would be so proud. My mom had been telling me to just get it fixed for the past two years, and today it happened. I'm $202 poorer but I have a new crack free peice of glass to look through. . .and its kind of nice.

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