Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here is my Love Bug. . .

who says "Mama your so sweet I want to eat you all up."

who gives me a kiss every morning before I take a shower.

who explains exactly why she can do what she wants to do.

who sits and puts make up on by my feet, while I stand at the sink.

who gets a diaper from the other room when I'm stuck without one and Obie is laying on the floor with a poopy stinky diaper.
who will only clean up if I sing the clean up song.
who always tells us she needs a family hug.
who loves to jump on beds.
who stuggles to wear the same thing for more then an hour.
who loves pink and shoes.
who wants to go get a hair cut with me.
who tells everyone that baby Pinky is in Mama's belly and will come out at Christmas time.
who tells me she is so brave.
This is my Love Bug who I love.


Margaret said...

I agree with you about your "love bug and sweetest boy". They must have taken after their mom and dad, because there are lots of things that make you both so special too. Love you lots! Mom

the style crusader said...

i love this.