Friday, August 21, 2009


Obie tired of the drawing board and wanting down. Grace told me this was her family. . .Gracie, Obie, Daddy, Pinky, Mama, Juma and Lily. . .this wasn't the finished project. . .she had to add just a few more.

New drawing boards from Target. . .This is what Grace picked to wear today.

Want some excitment. . .add rain to your sandbox for neverending fun. . .and mess.
Biker chick. . .in panties.
Obie thought the sandy rainwater would taste good, so he gave it a try before I could catch him.
Relaxing, before nap time, watching the Wiggles.
Grace that it was a better idea to put the panties on her head, instead of her bum.

I'm not sure how productive we were but here are some pictures of our day so far. Obie skipped his nap again. He skipped it yesterday and slept from 1:45 and we finally we him up at about 5:15. We'll see what happens today. Both are down for naps so hopefully it will stay like that for awhile. I'm going to attempt to not waste too much time on here and then maybe try to accomplish something. . .I'm not sure what. . .but something.

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