Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally. . .

Kids in their "Life Vests" according to Grace.
Raspberries from Costco. . .They love them!

Obie especially loves them. . .can you tell.

Just so you know. . .you may have already heard but we have been a one car family since September 2006. Sometimes are worse then others but we have made it work. Well, when we only have one car and I work in the evenings we have very little time to get random "around town" trips done such as grocery shopping, oil changes, clothes shopping or whatever. This weekend was our weekend to make up for all those missed trips. We had a huge list of stuff to get done. . .which seems to take twice as long having to get kids in and out of the car and the places we needed to go were totally spread out. So Saturday morning we jumped in the car and began conquering our list. We got off to a ruff start. . .I wasn't being so patient. . .but I got over it and we ended up being really productive.
-We tried on and ordered a flower girl dress for Grace. . .Have you ever tried to take two little kids into David's Bridal first thing in the morning (along with all the other millions of ladies trying to find the perfect dress for their big day)???? There were mirrors everywhere, blocks to stand on OR JUMP OFF OF, high heels everywhere for the ladies to try on with the dresses, couches to jump on, and huge dresses to run your hands over. . .It was amazing we got out of their alive.
-The mall. Most of our glasses have been getting broken. . .thanks to everyone in this family. . .I had gotten them for a shower gift. We had registered for them but I was getting a little sick of them. I was secretly hoping they would all break. Well most of them did so I decided Pottery Barn had some I liked for cheap. . .like $3.00 a glass. So that was our first stop. I had a gift card which I thought had $8 left. Well when she rang up my $32 purchase and swiped my card she said I had $8 dollars left. I asked if I owed any more and she said no. . .I had some left over. . .I was surprised but wasn't going to complain too much. She gave me the receipt and everything looked fine. . .I was very proud of my gift card purchase.
-Next we at lunch. This was success in itself. I ordered two kids meals. They usually share but I figured Grace didn't eat much breakfast so I had better order two. . .this usually back fires when I order two neither kid want to eat but Saturday was different. Grace ate her whole sandwich and yogurt (no bribing or anything) and Obie made a pretty good dent in his.
-Since we were right next to Gap Kids I figured I better look and make sure there weren't any good sales I was missing. . .Good thing I looked. . .I don't really buy stuff from there unless its on sale. . .especially for the kids. I'm not paying $30 for a pair of jeans for them or $39.00 for a dress but Saturday all the sale stuff was and additional 40% off. Yahoo! It was pretty picked over but I managed to find a few things for the kids. Grace picked up and orange vest and thought it was a life jacket. In front of everyone she tells me how we need to buy it so she can jump in the pool. Well they were boy vests but they had her and Obie's size. With the sale they were only $8.50 each. I'm a sucker for a good deal so I bought 2. There is a picture above. Grace can't wait to wear hers. . .I think they are going to be a hit. . .
-After riding the merry go round we decided nap time was calling, our "to do" list was still pretty long but the kids were dying fast. We decided to make a quick stop into Trader Joes because it was really close and then zoomed home. (we discovered some really good ice cream sandwiches while we were there and they made for a perfect driving snack)
-Once the kids were down I headed off to get Mike some gym shorts that weren't too short and I also needed to return some bike stuff. I made sure I grabbed my coupon (I always forget them) Anyways, I returned $55 worth of stuff and with my coupon Mike's shorts were only$5! Can you believe that! $5!!!! Nothing is ever $5. I was excited. They fit and he seemed to even like them.
-Next Costco. I got everything on my list. Nothing more, nothing less. . .which was really good.
-I stopped at the McDonald's Redbox to pick up a movie. I got Yes Man. . .it was kind of funny but kind of boring to me. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it or not. . .Jim Carey is in it so you know how that goes. . .Oh we also managed to return it on time. . .which is a miracle.
-When I got home Mike had mowed the backyard. Yea for Mike. It was getting pretty bad so I was very glad he had done it. . .I didn't even ask him too.
-Grace greeted me in her pink elephant towel. . .actually she ran out the back door, across the backyard with her towel flowing in the breeze be hind her. . .she had just gotten out of the tub. It was hilarious.
-So that was our Saturday. Productive. Finally. We were proud of ourselves and got everything on the list done. . .with two kids in tow and all.

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LOve the pictures.They are so cute.