Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just so you know. . .

-my dad is back in Egypt and doing fairly well. He got back last Monday and has been doing better daily.
-I have been oh so productive.
-The jam was good. . .very good.
-We walked to the farmers market.
-I hit the jack pot at Gap. . .plus I had a 30% coupon.
-I wore a striped shirt today. . .that's a big deal to me. . .I like plain and solid. . .simple.
-I made two loaves of banana bread.
-I cooked dinner and its Saturday night.
-Grace called me "that lady" today. She was talking to Mike and said "come over here so that lady will let me give you a hug." I had told her she couldn't hug Mike but needed to clean up. . .he was being distracting.
-I went to work for 4 hours.
-I crocheted 1 1/2 things...I can't tell you what it is. . .its for Christmas.
-I look pregnant. . .oh and feel it too.

Just so you know, I'm telling you all this because this is unusual and not normal for me. Maybe tomorrow I'll do nothing.


Margaret said...

Good for you Stephanie! You are doing great!! Happy to hear that the jam was so good, hope you keep some for use to try in December :)

jennifer said...

yey stephanie!! that all sounds really good!! guess what, your baby has hair! that is exciting!!

Juanita said...

Yahoo!!! For Stepanie making Jam and it was good.You can bring me a jar when you come in Oct.You been one busy women.Wonder what color the hair is for Pinky.Maybe it will be pink???? HA! HA!!!