Friday, August 21, 2009


That is whats on my mind. I would be so happy if someone would just feed me and let me sleep. I've been exhausted this week. . .I've been sleeping at normal times, like not really lacking sleep but I've just been so tired. The past few weeks I had been so productive and then this week I feel like I crashed. Obie has been halfway attempting to give up his morning nap, which I would be OK with if he wasn't tired. The problem is he is tired but just doesn't want to take it, then if he does sleep for a bit he doesn't want to sleep in the afternoon when Grace does, which means I get no break and I really don't get anything done. Ahhh. . .If I could just sleep all day. . .yesterday I got a two hour nap. It was heaven when I was taking it, the only thing was I had to wake up and I was bummed. I could have slept all afternoon. . .but I didn't. . .then I had to go to work. I was very unmotivated. I told Mike I wasn't going to stay too long. . .which usually means getting there about 4:30-5 and coming home around 7:30-8:00. Well I was home by 6:00, convinced Mike and the kids cheeseburgers (Culver's) would be a good dinner and we were off. See, so unmotivated. All I want is food and sleep. I'm hoping this will pass. . .I was enjoying my productivity. I'm approaching my third trimester so I really hope this exhaustion is not coming yet. . .I guess we'll see. If the kiddos cooperate I'll try to post some pictures during nap time. Tonight is the big art festival down on main street so we'll be walking down tonight for that, tomorrow is some one's 30th birthday from church. They are attempting to do a pig roast and have a party tomorrow night. Its an 80-100 pound pig. Mike is going to go help the guy sew it to a stick at 5am tomorrow. I guess it has too start cooking at 7:00am. Then Sunday is church and Mike's soccer game. He joined a league that plays on Sundays during part of the summer so this weekend is busy. Hopefully we can get a few naps in there. Until later. . .hopefully.

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