Thursday, April 8, 2010

You know what they say. . .

everything changes once you have kids. Yes this is true. Very true. But I think mostly people think of the obvious and brush over the details. Here are some things I've noticed that are different or have changed that I wouldn't have thought of before having kids.

[my list is long. . .and sounds so unfun. . .but this is just a "season." This too shall pass. Even though my three little ones cause my workload and stressload to multiply exponentially they are so so worth it. I wouldn't trade my little loves in for anything and they are really great loves.]

-there are always "things"on the floor to be picked up. . .before I thought they would always clean up quickly if I told them to.
-there is always laundry to be done, know matter how much I attempt to keep up with it. . .a little girl here always wants to change outfits, a little boy is always getting dirty weather inside or out, and a little baby is always drooling or spitting up.
-there is always something in the kids closets that does not belong there (chairs, toys, blankets, piggy banks, dolls, stray clothes. . .)
-by the time I leave the house my clothes or myself is dirty. . .before I thought a burp cloth would take care of everything.
-my things mysteriously disappear. . .especially makeup, brushes, drinks, food, shoes, nail polish, books. . .
-the dinning room table is never clean after a meal. . .spilled milk, stray food, sticky who knows what. . .before I thought place mats were the answer but I quickly figured out I can wash off 4 place mats and the table after every meal OR I could just wipe down the table after each meal.
-there is never enough time to get everything done. . .before I thought kids would sit quietly watching T.V., or coloring, or playing with a specific item so I could get something done, now I now know we are working with very short attention spans and playing or any kind=mess of some sort.
-kids don't always behave the way they should. . .before I thought I would be able to train them. . .perfectly. Train them yes. . .perfectly no.
-comfortable shoes (that I can run in) are a must.
-meal time is challenging. . .you would think people would like to fill their bellies. . .before I thought kids wanted to eat and sit and talk. . .now I know they just want to play and get down. . .the first few bites are easy. . .then the work begins, for me and I always am done WAY before them.
-sleeping until 8 am is now considered sleeping in (which rarely ever happens) and when this does occur we are so so excited. . .before I thought kids would sleep if their room was really dark and would wake up and watch cartoons on their own on Saturday morning. . .no they want attention and find great joy in waking us up. . .especially since they can get out of their own beds.
-I never carried a purse/bag before I had kids, just a wallet, now if I don't have a bag fully stocked I panic.
-sitting in the passenger seat in the car was relaxing and nice time to sit and talk, now it is work. Someone wants a snack, someone wants a toy, a baby is screaming. . .and the list goes on. . .I'd rather drive. . .before I thought kids would sleep in the car and enjoy looking out the window.
-staying out a little late isn't worth it. . .tired kids=way more work. . .before I thought kids would just quietly fall asleep anywhere.

[My three little ones are so much more fun then I could have ever imagined. The work and changes that came with them are also more then I could have ever imagined. The joy that they bring, the love that they bring and the excitment that they bring is priceless. They are precious and bring perfect precious moments to our lives in the mist of all the craziness we so often experience. . .and we try to burn them into our minds before the are forgotten. . .and look past the chores of everyday and enjoy the little lives we are helping to mold and develop. Even though this job of parenthood is neverending this time will end and that is what needs to be remembered. . .everyday. . .so we remember to enjoy it.]


Margaret said...

Kids truly are WORK and lots and lots of blessings. Hard to believe years ago I thought the same things-will the laundry ever get done- when will I get to stop picking up things? Always remembering you and your sister dropping those school bags at the front door- the clothes on the floor in your bedrooms etc. HUM and now sometimes I wish those days were here again. At the time it seems it never will end and now I only have a few loads of laundry a week. I have even taught your dad to pick up his own socks. So like you said- remember the priceless moments that you have now. As it feels like years ago when I heard you say "YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS MOMMY!" with a HUGH smile on your face. Thanks for being a mom as I LOVE being the Nana! Oh and just so you know you will get to carry just a little wallet again one day and enjoy being the passenger again and even have afternoon naps! LOVE YOU!

the style crusader said...

stephanie this is so beautiful and really made me laugh! good tip about the place mats... xx