Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Progress Pictures.

So here are some pictures. I didn't take any pictures of myself in January when I first started actually trying to lose weight, but I did take a picture on M's due date. . .which means two weeks after she was born. I'm not sure what I'm weighing in as because we have taken the living room curtains down to be cleaned and I don't want to weigh in with no curtains up. I'm hoping my next weigh in will be breaking the 150 mark.


Juanita said...

Looking Good!!!!

Margaret said...

You are looking GREAT! Guess dad better kiss his money good bye! Thanks for sharing!

the style crusader said...

STEPHANIE!! look at you!! oh my gosh! at first i saw the top photo and that it was a recent one (uhh... yah, the christmas tree should have given it away) and i was thinking... that doesn't seem right for stephanie post-baby weight loss. and then i scrolled down... OH MY GOSH! you look so incredible! well done. i love this collection of progress photos!! xx

Sarita said...

Thank you Steph for the progress pictures... you really do look SO GOOD! I thought the same... when I first saw the the top picture... I thought... HUH? But, then I saw the pics down low... BUKUR (beautiful in Albanian...)
I'm glad your work is paying off. =)
Hugs. Sara