Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Obie has been sick since Saturday night. Like vomit sick. Yuck. We have been stuck inside, watching him lay on the couch and watch cartoons for the past 3 days. We did take some impromptu pictures on the floor. Obie wanted to join us, so he got off the couch, threw up right beside of us and then laid down for a pictures.


Michael said...

Poor Obie, he is so precious! We are praying that he recover quickly. Those are beautiful photos. I love them! Wawa

Margaret said...

Like the little stuffed animal says "fabulous"! Obie might be sick but sure is cute. The photos are wonderful! Hope Obie is better soon- poor guy!

the style crusader said...

oh no poor little obie! he looks so sweet and sad in those photos. look at those big blue eyes! my goodness. i love all these shots of you and mattia together stephanie. they really are beautiful. hope obie feels better soon! that is so sad that he isn't well. xx