Monday, April 19, 2010

My Biggest Little Girl

Happy Birthday Gracie! Today she is 4. 4! Can you believe that!?!?! She's like a real kid now. No more baby or toddler. . .full blown kid. Today we are ago to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate and then on Saturday we are having a Hello Kitty Birthday Party with some friends from church.


Juanita said...

Happy Birthday Miss Grace!!! Hope you get lots of presents.Have a fun day.You are growning up to fast.

Margaret said...

Hard to believe she is 4! HAPPY BIRTHDAY little Grace! You look just like your mom did at this age and believe it or now you act just like she did. Today when Papa and I saw her picture we realized just how much she looks like you Stephanie- even her hands!! WE are so happy that God has shared her with our family!!