Monday, April 19, 2010

Today's Festivities

Four year old daughter. Check. She is now four. Another birthday done. Chuck E Cheese was a success. Mike took the day off and was able to play all day with us. Everyone had a great time and I found 74 tickets in the trash. Birthdays are so hard at this age, not for the one who's birthday it actually is but for the sibling who gets to partake in the festivities but receive no gifts. Because of this we decided to do something special for Obie too. After we went to Chuck E Cheese we went to Toys R Us and let the kids pick out something. Grace had gotten money from her Grandma Bannon and her Nana and Papa that she was able to use. Obie, on the other hand, was just well taken care of. The kids never go to Toys R Us so it was extra special and they had a blast. Grace ended up with a new Ariel Dress with matching high heels and a cell phone and Obie picked out a tool set, complete with a work belt and a hard hat. After naps we had dinner and Grace got to open a few more presents. Because her birthday party is on Saturday we didn't have a cake or anything special for dessert. . .luckily her Aunt Jenny and Uncle Freddy saved the day. They had sent Grace and Obie some gummie pigs so we got creative, shoved a candle into their (pigs) face and sang. The kids loved it and Obie begged us to sing to him too, so we did. I think the kids had a great time and we had so much fun with them too.


the style crusader said...

stephanie! i am so glad you got the present for grace in time! and i'm so glad that the percy pigs came in useful! sorry we didn't get to talk to you. send me your new number please and i'll call tonight! it sounds like you guys had such a nice day! love you!

Margaret said...

Obie totally looks like a little boy with is outfit on and we are happy to see he has "boy" dress up things. Miss Grace is as cute as can be and it looks like you all had an awesome time. Now where is little Mattia?

Sarita said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!!
We love you!
Love, U. David, A. Sara, Miriam and Sofia