Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Testing, Testing.

I gave in and paid the $5 for memory. I guess I get 1GB for free and for $5 a year it bumps me up to 20GB. Hopefully this will work. . .YEA! It worked. So Saturday we planted a garden. Kind of. We planted flowers, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, watermelons and more flowers. We probably did it all wrong. Last year I froze everything so this year we have four 9 by 13 pans on the porch with our treasures in them. If something grows I will be so excited. I check them every day but still nothing. Mike says I need to wait at least a week but I'm dying to see something poking out. I'll keep you posted. I did have some very good little helpers that helped plant the seeds.


Margaret said...

You have some cute little helpers! Obie looks like he could be on a farm with his little red/black jacket- ADORABLE! Hope you see lots of little things growing soon.

Julie said...

1. I LOVE your pictures!!
2. I'm so excited you planted cilantro, peppers, tomatoes and watermelons!! We're trying it this year so if you have any pointers... let us know!!!