Thursday, March 18, 2010

Product Review.

So on a whim, I bought this product at Target. I needed a new face soap so I got this neat little one. . .actually I got the cream cleanser. I looks just like this but in a pink bottle and the soap is white not clear. Anyways, it comes with a little face scrubber thing. My expectations were low. I had seen a commercial and the scrubber looked cool so I bought it. After using this product once a day, in the shower for the past week I love it. My face feels different. My skin seems smooth and softer. The little scrubber things is gentle and feels like its actually doing something. Its fully made of plastic so I don't feel like its dirty or gross after I use it, I just rinse it off. . .another plus is that the bottle is clear so I can see exactly how much soap is left instead of trying to balance it on its top or squeeze it to death. So that's my thoughts on this new soap, so if you are in the market for some face soap I'd definitely recommend this one.


the style crusader said...

this looks very cool! if i see it i will definitely get some.. or i could just come over and use some of yours? xx

Margaret said...

Sounds great to me- you will have to send me one.