Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recently. . .

-Mike had been staying late at work.

-I've been attempting to keep three kids busy.

-G' is trying to only suck her thumb in bed so she can go to Chuckie Cheese.
-O' is being as boyish as he can be (throwing sticks, swinging hammers, stomping in water. . .and the list goes on)

-M' is working on rolling over. . .she is so so close.

-G' is enjoying her last month of being 3.

-Obie is in love with his diaper.

-M' seems to talk longer naps when she is put in O's bed.
-G' got her toenails painted with pink sparkles, O' got blue sparkles, M' got none and I got all three.

-G' and O' have been playing so so well together.

-G' has been practicing soccer.
-Tonight was my grocery shopping day. . .and it was good.

-Mike starts his class the last week of March. . .we are not looking forward to it beginning but when this class is over his master's degree will be completed, so that we look forward too.

-We finished the kids closet. . .G' loves it and wants to sleep in it.

-Mike is taking all three kids out tomorrow so I can get a few things done around the house. . .this is the first time he has taken all three out by himself.

-I need a hair cut plus some new hair since my is all on the floor. . .really.

-Miss Dower is coming for a visit on Monday thru Wednesday. The last time I saw her I was pregnant with G'. . .so weird.

-Krista just celebrated her 18th birthday on Monday. . .really weird.

(closet before & after)

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the style crusader said...

you guys sound so busy! i love the photos. ok... let's just talk about your kids for one second. i know you see them EVERY day and you are probably like, 'yah yah my kids are cute...' but stephanie they REALLY are. they are completely beautiful and SO funny. i love that photo of grace/obie where obie has on the superman outfit. he is like a little funny man. have you considered doing your photos bigger and doing the wider format? maybe you don't like it that way - which is fine... but i think it might be nice.

anyway. i am rambling (fred is away this weekend so i have no one to talk to... haha). but! just wanted to say love the photos and the closet looks great!

p.s. i would like to come visit... like right now. too bad i have an indefinite visa now... i lost my excuse to come visit you in the spring!