Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Day.

Today was a good day. Costco, Playground, Hot Dogs, Water, Sand, Paint, Mess, Bath & Nap. Here are some pictures from yesterday and today. The weather has been lovely and so have the kids. Enjoy.


the style crusader said...

stephanie, i love these photos. they are actually so beautiful. can you please tell me how you do the writing on top of the photos? i LOVE the photos you take of the kids.

p.s. swimming?! it is SO cold here still. not fair!!

Margaret said...

Mattia look like a little bundle of JOY! Looks like spring at your place and lots of fun in the sun!!

Anonymous said...


Michael said...

Those pictures are so cute! We have the most beautiful grandchildren in the whole world! And Mattia is such a doll baby! Sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoy each one to its fullest.
Much love, Mom B.

the style crusader said...

just looking at these again... mattia is so beautiful. xx

Rantipole15 said... it really warm enough for bathing suits where you are? So. Jealous.

Also, I really like your photo captions!