Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time for a post. . .

Watching HGTV in the hotel in Indiana. . .Jenny and Freddy went to a BFAers wedding. . .so we went along and had some fun.
We've had fun in the first snow of the season, right after Christmas.
Grace decided to jump in the picture and pretend she was sleeping. . .she thought she was very clever.

well kind of. This isn't really a post, because I'm not going to post much. . .or say much. Just wanted to let you know we have been having lots of fun, staying really busy, and getting really tired. My Dad left on Friday, Jenny and Freddy leave tomorrow and my Mom leaves on the 13th. . .so our fun is coming to an end. This week is filled with doctor's appointments and grooming appointments, and spa appointments. . .then this weekend we are off to see the Hopson's one last time before they venture off to Albania. . .so we are busy. Our fun is going to be coming to an end and so will my blogging absence. I'll be back. . .just give me a

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