Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One of "those" days.

Yes. Today is one of "those" days. It seems all three kids are on the verge of being a "little under the weather." They all have runny noses. . .and some, actually one, is having a very bad attitude problem. There really is only so much whining, bossing and fighting I can take. Currently we have successfully reached nap time. All three are still alive and I haven't killed or hurt any of them yet, but I sure wanted to at about 10am. One little one decided instead of taking a nap she was going to line up all her stuffed animals on the bed, then take their picture with the toy camera. . .if she hadn't slammed her door while doing this she might have gotten away with it. Now the camera is gone, one little girl is not happy and I'm hoping a nap is in her near future. Ahhhhh. . .time to go. I need a drink. . .diet coke or water. Too bad I don't have more choices. If I drank "good strong stuff" today would be the day. I already had some pommagranite jucie in a wine glass. . .mmmmm. . .the wine glass made all the difference.


the style crusader said...

haha, oh no!! sounds like trouble. was it my favourite POM juice? i like drinking silly things in wine glasses.... it's an easy way to quickly feel happy.

hope the day gets better!!!! and everyone makes it out alive.

Juanita said...

Sorry you had a bad day.It does get better.I had 3 boys!!!!! I think you needed some wine.

the style crusader said...

stephanie, what do you think of the bigger photo layout on my blogs?

the style crusader said...

haha, i'm averaging about 90 hits a day - which is pretty impressive i think. but checked that girl from london street style blog and she gets about 1,500 hits a day! i felt pretty amateur! (but she was featured in glamour!)

anyway. no cards yet. but i did find a place where you can print free ones online (just have to have the website name of the company on the back) so am going to try that out. actually meant to do it today.

hope you are having a better day today than yesterday!!