Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First. . .

trip with three kids alone=successful. No one lost, no one hurt. Pretty good. We ventured out to the Science Center. Looked at dinosaurs, played in the discovery room and walked around. Obie went a little crazy as I was getting tickets for the discovery room. Actually G' and O' went crazy. O' had a tight hold on G's shirt and refused to let go. G' decided the best option was to stand and scream at him until he let go (except he wouldn't) which in turn caused him to stand and scream back at her. I'm not sure what the deal was but I ended up having to pry O' off G' (all while both kids stood screaming at each other) and then carry O' in one arm and push M' to the side. I couldn't pick O' up very well (since I had tickets in my hand) so he was carried horizontal to the floor. It must have been a pretty entertaining sight. At that moment I thought it was all over. After we got to the side, I sat them both down and told them if they didn't start listening we were going home and I won't be able to take them out to do fun stuff anymore. From that point on they did pretty well. I prepared myself for the worst. . .it could have gotten a lot worse. . .so I'm thankful and there might just be another trip in the near future.

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the style crusader said...

you took three kids to the science center by YOURSELF?!!? that is seriously intense. you are hard core. you are one seriously fun mom. we are both impressed.

p.s. i dreamt about the chai iced latte last night.