Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prayer...from a child.

This morning while getting dressed I looked down and noticed I had a red spot on one of my toes. Nothing major, just a little spot that had been rubbing on my shoe. I pointed it out to Grace just for a little conversation. I said, "Hey Grace, Look at my toe. I got a boo boo." Grace licked her finger and then rubbed my toe. She then said maybe that will make it feel better. Then she said we can also pray to God that it will get better. She said it with a little question in her voice, like do you want to do that. I smiled and simply said ok, not quite sure what she was going to do. She then immediately put her hands on my knees (I was sitting down), closed her eyes and then she said "Dear God, please make Mama's toe better. Amen." Then she smiled at me and said "Is it better?" So sweet my little Gracie.


the style crusader said...

love hearing stories from your day!! she is such a sweet heart!

Michael said...

I thank the Lord that Gracie knows just Who to turn to- Good Job, Stephanie and Michael !!!