Friday, January 15, 2010

July 4th Bet. . .

So there are currently 15 extra pounds on my body. They need to go but I lack discipline and motivation. Here are the details. . .numbers and all. When I got pregnant with Grace I weighed 145. I had been exercising and was pretty fit. Then I gained a lot. . .fast. 190 pounds. I lost most of it within the first six months but when I got pregnant with Obie I was 150 pounds. I hadn't been exercising but didn't think I was too out of shape. I did better during the pregnancy and topped out at 185 pounds. A lot yes, but a little better. Then afterwards it took me forever to lose the weight. 9 months after having him I decided things had to change so I got back to the low 150s (which I wasn't too happy with) and stayed there. Then once again pregnant and bounced up to 183 pounds. So its that time again. I refuse to let things slide. My 29th birthday is next month, I have 3 kids, I'm a stay at home Mom (I just quit my job) and I really don't want to look like it. I don't have to be magazine perfect but I need to feel fit. . .at least to some extent, and also be able to fit into my old jeans. I know my body is definitely different now but it can still look decent. . .maybe even good. So currently, with clothes on, I weighed in at 161 pounds (at the doctors and on the Wii). So here is the goal. By July 4th my target weight is 145 pounds.

To help with my motivation I proposed a deal to my Dad. I convinced him to give me an Ipod Nano. If I don't reach the target weight by July 4th I owe him $150 to pay him for it. . .but if I do reach the weight its mine and I don't pay. Pretty good deal huh? To prove my weight at the end I will have to take a picture of me standing on the Wii board with my weight shown on the T.V.

So my plan is not to go on some crazy diet but to eat healthy and move more. I have to be practical. I have three kids, its freezing outside, and there isn't too much exercise wise to do. There is no way I can go to a gym or attempt to exercise outside so my plan is the Wii. I have several exercise games which I've been trying to do and I'm aiming for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. My start date was Jan. 14 and so far I exercised both days. My plan is to keep you all posted and updated on my progress. . .I also plan to update with some pictures.

From my past two days I've discovered I'm very, very out of shape. Much more so then I thought. Things that were so easy before are so difficult now. My body is sore. I don't think I've ever been this out of shape. Hopefully I can stick to this and see some results.


the style crusader said...

Steph I love this. And I know you can do it. Dad is never going to see that money again.

Fred is concerned that 5 days might be too much. Just do what you can and stay consistant each week.

Anyway, also did 4 week challenge but haven't done it at all this week! Was also so sore! Can't wAit to hear about your progress am glad to hear you are so motivated!!

The Taylors said...

Good luck! That nano is a GREAT are awesome to be able to work out with three little kids and all. Given the crappy weather and not getting out of the house very much, I bought a jump rope and that has helped a little. The kids think I am absolutely weird, but at least it's a little entertainment for them....I just need a better sports bra and it wouldn't be so bad for me;) It sounds like fun to do it on your Wii. I have never played one before, but they seem like a lot of fun!

Sarita said...

ok steph, go for it! once it gets a little warmer, get the kids piled in the stroller, the baby in the Ergo and go for lots of walks! it does wonders for the body and makes the kids sleep MUCH better!
miss you... next time your blog will show Albania! hugs