Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today we painted. . .

Obie wanting to go inside to watch a DVD. He stood by the door and tired to look as miserable as possible. . .he is great at looking miserable and sad.
Grace deep in thought.

Obie getting caught eatting the paint brush and drinking the water.

Grace got up late today which made the morning go by quickly. We watched some Sesame Street, played outside and then painted. Obie isn't quite into the whole "arts and crafts" thing like Grace. He would rather chase the dogs and throw thing into the pool. The paint kept his attention for a little bit. He liked the water paint better then the finger/spoon paint. . .I did catch him drinking the dirty paint water and sucking on the end of the paint brush. . .I guess it could have been worse. Life goes on and he thinks its hilarious when he gets caught doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing. He got a laugh out of it. Grace picked out her outfit today. Thick white tights, blue and green flowered skirt, pink polka dot long sleeve shirt all topped with a crown. Perfect.

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