Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blond Streaks. . .Be Gone.

I'm pretty predictable for the most part. . .well I think so. . .I'm not sure if others would say the same but I feel I am. I felt pretty bold with my blond streaks in June. . .I know. . .people dye their hair all the time. . .I'm not scared of cutting it but dying it just seems so permanent. . .anyways, those steaks were starting to grow out and I happened to see and add for some 28 wash out hair dye stuff. I'm not up for paying the big price tag to get a professionals help. . .Target and $8.49 was my limit. So I decided I could handle 28 washes. . .which would be about 28 days of something different. . .While Mike was putting the kids to bed I crossed over to the wild side and went dark. . .not black but dark. Probably a shade or two darker then my normal color. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't but 28 washes. . .not bad. I tried to get a picture of it but it was a little tough. Here was my attempt...what do you think? Be honest. . .I can take it.


kate said...

I like it. :) Looks good on you.

the style crusader said...

i love it! and i don't think you are going to get any comments like 'stripes' from anybody. haha. no, but seriously - it's good and it suits you (28 washes or no 28 washes).